Emily Griffith Technical College employs more than 40 full-time credentialed, experienced instructors. In addition, the school contracts with more than 175 credentialed part-time instructors experienced in industry and trade. 

College of Trades, Industry & Professional Studies

Vivian Jeffcoat

Full-time Faculty

Lina Fedynyshyn, Instructor - Accounting
M.B.A., Seton Hall University
B.S., Seton Hall University

Jeremy Barrera, Instructor - Automotive Collision Repair
Certificate, WyoTech

Greg Begun, Instructor - Automotive Service
ASE Certified Master

Ismael Esparza, Instructor - Automotive Service
Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Steven Garcia, Instructor - Automotive Service
Automotive Mechanic Degree, Lincoln Tech

Ricardo Dena, Instructor - Computer Networking
A.A.S., El Paso Community College

Vince Guerrie, Instructor - Commercial/Residential HVAC & Refrigeration
B.S. Natural Resources & Business, Colorado State University
HVAC Certification

Matthew McFadden, P.E., Instructor - Water Quality Management
B.S., University of Texas
M.S., University of Washington

Jessica Lanka, Instructor - Welding
B.F.A., Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Welding Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Ryan Thomas, Instructor - Welding
Certificate, Warren Tech

Part-time Faculty

Albert Habercorn, Instructor - Accounting
B.S., Metropolitan State University of Denver

Eric Remelius, Instructor - CAD-BIM
B.S. Information Technology, Colorado State University

Jay Alire, Instructor - Computer Networking
M.A., University of Colorado
B.A., Colorado State University

Stephen Garcia, Instructor - Commercial/Residential HVAC & Refrigeration
HVAC Certification, United States Air Force

Donnie Kirk, Instructor - Geographic Information Systems
M.S. Geography, East Carolina University
B.A. Geology; B.A. Geography, Concord University

Matthew Sartorio, Instructor - Welding
Emily Griffith Technical College

College of Health Sciences & Administration

Dr. Evelyn Schinn

Full-time Faculty

Tonya Robinson, Instructor - Dental Assisting
Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Brenda Stevens, Instructor - Dental Assisting
Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Mary Konzier, Instructor - Legal Office
B.A. English, Colorado State University

Maria Foster, Instructor - Medical Administrative Assistant
Certificate, Denver Technical College
Certified Coding Associate

Peggy Korman, Nursing Instructional Specialist
C.N.M, Columbia University
M.S. Nursing, New York University
B.S. Nursing, Boston University

Rachel Washington, Instructor - Nurse Assisting
LPN, Decatur School of Nursing

Rhonda Webster, Instructor - Nursing
M.S. Nursing, Capella University

Joseph Cooper, Instructor - Pharmacy Technician
B.S., University of Washington

Part-time Faculty

Abigail Jaquez, Instructor - Dental Assisting
Certified Dental Assistant, C.U School of Dentistry

Elisabeth Churchill-Fantz, Instructor - Medical Assisting
B.A., Columbia College
Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Jacqueline Avila, Instructor - Nursing
Nursing Diploma, Community College of Denver

Virginia Buckley, Instructor - Nursing
M.S. Nursing, University of Colorado

Martha Cross, Instructor - Nursing
M.S. Nursing, Regis University

Nickcole Knabenbauer, Instructor - Nursing
B.S. Nursing, Chamberlain College of Nursing

Lauren Law, Instructor - Nursing
R.N, Columbia Hospital School of Nursing

Kristin Lyons, Instructor - Nursing
B.S. Nursing, University of Phoenix

Terrie McDaniel, Instructor - Nurse Assisting

Joan Ortman, Instructor - Nursing
M.S. Nursing, St. Louis University

William Tinley, Instructor - Nursing
B.S.N., Johns Hopkins University
B.A. English, Regis University

Juanita Transcoso, Instructor - Nursing
M.S. Nursing, University of Phoenix

Khalid Mahmoud, Instructor - Biology
Bachelor of Surgery, Omdurman Islamic University of Medicine & Health Sciences

College of Creative Arts & Design

Aimee Callahan

Full-time Faculty

Marisol Espinoza, Instructor - Barbering
Artistic Beauty College

Lisa Fladen, Instructor - Barbering
Certificate, Pickens Technical College

Anthony Gallegos, Instructor - Barbering
Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Barbara Dudding, Instructor - Cosmetology
Quincy Beauty Academy

Kelley Mymern, Instructor - Cosmetology
Licensed Cosmetologist

Laurie Murdoch, Lead Instructor - Cosmetology
Certificate, Stewarts School of Hair Design

Stephanie Reynolds, Instructor - Cosmetology
Artistic Beauty College

LaVonya Todd-Washington, Instructor - Cosmetology
Certificate, Emily Griffith Technical College

Timothy Inzano, Instructor - Culinary Arts
A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America

Lauren Webb, Instructor - Esthetician
Certificate, Pickens Technical College

Alicia Marsicovetere, Instructor - Massage Therapy
B.S., University of Florida
Licensed Massage Therapist, S.W., Academy of Natural Therapies

Alexandra Borgmann, Instructor - Professional Baking
A.A.S, Aimes Community College
Emily Griffith Technical College

Part-time Faculty

Lisa Cruz, Instructor - Cosmetology
Pueblo Community College

Alyssa Housh, Instructor - Cosmetology
B.A. Environmental Studies, University of Missouri
Cosmetology License, Johnson County Community College

Sheylen Say, Instructor - Professional Baking
Baking & Pastry Arts Certification, California Culinary Academy

Adult Education and Language Learning Center 

Ryan Yates

English Language Acquisition

Full-time Faculty

Rod Bennett, Instructor
TESOL and Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Education, University of Colorado
B.A. English Literature, Keene State College

Scott Hedblom, Instructor
B.A., University of Denver

Jenny Kunches, Instructor
B.A., University of Colorado - Boulder

Emily Mowrer, Instructor
M.A., Soka University of America
B.A., Soka University of America

Kevin Satterfield, Instructor
B.A., Metropolitan State University of Denver

Part-time Faculty

Karen Allred-Dennis, Instructor
TESOL Certification

Kim Elliott, Instructor
M.A. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Colorado - Denver
M.S. Nursing, George Mason University
B.S. Nursing, University of Virginia

Ahmad Golestani, Instructor
M.A., St. Michael’s College
B.A., College of Translation, Tehran, Iran

Kim Hosp, Instructor
B.A. Social Work, Colorado State University

Shae Isaacs, Instructor
M.A., University of Denver
B.A., University of Colorado - Boulder

Chris Kilmer, Instructor
B.A., Stanford University

Katelyn Krygowsky, Instructor
M.A., SIT Graduate Institute
B.A., Linfield College

Kandace Pinckney, Instructor
B.A. International Studies, Gordon College

High School Equivalency

Full-time Faculty

Ronny Jacobo, Instructor
B.S. Psychology, University of Iowa

Part-time Faculty

Ann Leonard, Instructor
M.A. TESOL, School of International Training
B.A. German, University of Texas - Austin

Continuing Ed

Ray Brienza, Instructor
A.S. Business Management, Red Rocks Community College

Harold Ovsiowitz, Instructor - Real Estate
LLM Law, Queens University (Canada)

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