• Blacksmithing

    Learn the ancient art of forging metal in this unique beginner blacksmithing course!
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  • Upholstery Classes

    Learn how to turn that old armchair into a beautiful house addition. Upholstery classes prepare students to modify and upholster, furniture or automotive seats and interior. Bring in your project and learn basic and advanced upholstery techniques.
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Continuing Education

The idea that learning is finished once we graduate from high school or college is a thing of the past. Personal and professional development is an ongoing process that continues for a lifetime. Scientific research has revealed the many benefits of lifelong learning. We now know that lifelong learning improves quality of life, as well as both physical and mental health. Lifelong learning is even tied to longer lifespan.

Continuing education is the opportunity to pursue our real passions that can lead to rewarding careers and a vibrant life where our passions are integrated into our vocation. Earning a living doing what we love is a goal we strive for, and continuing education is often the key to achieving that goal.

What is Continuing Education?

The Continuing Education Department at Emily Griffith Technical College offers non-credit courses to help people from every walk of life pursue their next learning adventure. Our offerings are designed for both personal enrichment and professional development.

In the spirit of our founder, Emily Griffith, registration is open “for all who wish to learn,” regardless of age, area of residency, or educational background. Applications are not required.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Scholarships and financial aid are not available for Continuing Education classes; however pricing is very reasonable and competitive with similar classes offered in the Denver area. Classes start as low as $25.

Need more information?

Continuing Education Division
Phone: 720-423-8972
Email: trades@emilygriffith.edu

Check out our course categories below. Or, you can click here to see an index of all of our classes.


  • Beginning Blacksmithing
  • Advanced Blacksmithing
  • Welding for Homeowners
  • Metalworking for Artists

Upholstery and Sewing

  • Furniture Upholstery
  • Furniture Upholstery - Open Lab
  • Cushion Sewing

Clock Repair

  • Clock Repair

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Appraiser

Software Programming

  • Coding 101: Programming Fundamentals

Healthcare Education

  • IV Therapy for LPNs

Professional Development


For more information on Professional Development courses, please contact Tim McMahon at 720-423-4865

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2017-18 Catalog

EGTC offers a wide range of programs that allow you to learn what you love. Whether your goal is to work in industry, an office, or your own business, you can start your journey here.

Online Non-Credit Classes

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Looking for professional development or personal enrichment? Over 300 instructor facilitated, six-week, online classes starting monthly for $114.

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From our students...

EGTC is teaching me the skills to prepare me for the state CNA exam, this school has a very high passing rate. My teacher is fun and energetic, she makes you want to learn!

Elisa Domenget
Current Student

From our teachers...

GIS is not just one job. Having GIS skills means you can work in any industry from Urban Planning to Health. The world is literally at your fingertips. Everyone uses GIS without even knowing it.

Terry Partridge
Current Faculty