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ESL Registration Questions

ESL Online Registration Questions

What is the difference between the free English for Work classes and the low-cost PACE classes? 

Both classes are online, but they have a different focus.

PACE is our academic program. It helps students improve their everyday English, and advanced students focus on skills that prepare them for community college, trade school, and university. Students work independently or in small groups on weekly projects. They have several online meetings with their teacher and classmates to practice the language skills they need to complete each project.

I would like to know about the payment because I already did it. When I applied for it it was $184.00. So, why do I have to pay more for online classes?

The cost for courses is determined by the amount of course content.  For this term our courses will have 43 hours of learning content. This will be a mix of online learning and classroom time with video conferences.  

And I would like to know how long the classes will be. Will it be 2 hours like a previous class?

These courses will be a mix of online learning and time with teachers through video conferences.  There will be the same amount of course content as in previous courses but it will be in a different form.  The teachers will provide a mix of video conference classes, office hours, and online learning materials.

Are payment plans available?

We can offer them through the first day of classes for this term given the unique circumstances. 

How can I get a refund?

 You can email the treasury department: treasury@emilygriffith.edu.  

How do I register for the ELA classes?

Registration Steps:


1. Complete our online application. 

2. After you complete your application, we will contact you to register you for classes.


1. Email us at LearnEnglish@emilygriffith.edu

Please include:

First Name

Last Name

Student ID Number

Date of Birth

Email Address

We will contact you to register you for class.

Can I take free classes?

Unfortunately, we are not offering our free classes for summer session 2 (June start date). 

Can I take more than one class?

Yes, you can enroll in multiple classes. Please visit this webpage for a schedule of available classes. 

I don’t have a computer or Internet at Home, will my phone work for classes online?

You should be able to access all course content on your phone.