Lucky’s Market Foundation Scholarship

Full Ride College Scholarships for Refugees

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Account: 20.6185

The Lucky's Scholarship assists refugees and asylees to advance to career certificate programs at Emily Griffith Tech College so they may obtain skilled training and hands-on experience to get them to higher-paying, long-term careers.


  • To apply, you must have arrived in the U.S. with refugee status (as defined by the UNHCR and U.S. State Department) or received asylum status after arriving in the U.S.
  • There is no limit to the number of years lived in the U.S. for applying. Refugees who have lived in the U.S. longer than 5 years may apply.
  • Have a means to meet your personal costs of living (rent, food, transportation) while attending school.

Be aware that being eligible for the scholarship does not mean you will automatically receive the scholarship.

Application process for refugee and asylee candidates:

  1. Meet with advisor to discuss eligibility and availability of receiving a scholarship (includes taking a TABE test)
  2. Apply for other available grants at EGTC (such as Pell grant if eligible)
  3. Complete the application (below)
  4. Complete the FERPA Release Form (an editable PDF document) and e-mail the completed form to ...
  5. Interview with Emily Griffith Technical College Foundation
If you are currently enrolled in a program at EGTC, please enter the name of that program.
Did you take ESL classes elsewhere? For example: Emily Griffith, another school (please name), or another country (please name).
For example, your teacher, case manager, employment specialist, a friend.
The number of years in secondary country (the country you went to before coming to the United States).
Please submit a one-page (approximately 200 words) essay about why you need this scholarship and your goals for the future.