Online Learning

Woman working at ComputerAt Emily Griffith Technical College, we understand how busy your life is. Each semester EGTC offers online classes you can take from the office over your lunch break, from home while the kids are sleeping, or even from a coffee shop in a faraway place – anywhere you have time and an internet connection.

Online Courses and Programs

Online courses and programs cover the same material as campus-based courses and programs. Our skilled teachers use online learning management systems (LMS), podcasting, and other technologies to build an online community of learners. You’ll have class discussions, assignments, projects, and deadlines just as you would in a campus-based course. You must meet regular deadlines, but can complete your work on your own time. You’ll work just as hard, but you can contribute to discussions and complete your assignments any time of the day or night as long as you meet the deadlines.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid classes are often called the “best of both worlds.” Hybrid courses are a mix of methodologies. Often students spend part of their time in the classroom and part of their time online. In other courses, time may be spent in a lab and working from home.

Supplemental Courses

Supplemental Classes use the learning management system to supplement face-to-face classes.  Many classes continue to meet in the classroom as usual but use the online learning management system to supplement the classes.  These supplemented classes may provide handouts and other resources online.  You may also take part in online discussions, upload assignments to the drop box, take quizzes and exams, and other activities.

All online courses use software called Brightspace. Please run a system check to ensure that your computer is properly configured for EGTC online courses, and make sure that your computer meets minimum system requirements (see below).

Brightspace System Requirements and Set Up

 Operating Systems


Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Mac OS X


Windows 7

Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion)


Minimum Requirement

SVGA Monitor, minimum resolution of 800x600


Resolution of 1024x768 or greater

Internet Speed

Minimum Requirement

56K modem


cable modem, DSL, or other broadband connection

Supported Browsers

PC: Internet Explorer 9 (Recommended), Firefox - newest (Recommended), Chrome (newest)

Mac: Firefox - newest (Recommended), Safari 5.1, Chrome (newest)

Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Equation Editor

JRE v1.6.x


JRE 1.6 update 31


Must be enabled


Must be enabled

Pop-up Blockers

Must be disabled or set to allow pop-ups from your course site.

If you experience technical difficulties, please contact (720) 423-4938.

Logging in to Brightspace

  1. Log in at
    • Use your 6-digit student ID for your user name. If you don't know your student ID please call our Welcome Desk at (720) 423-4702.
    • Your password is your birthdate in this format: mm/dd/yyyy.  Be sure to use the slashes.
    • Links to classes will work starting at 12:01 a.m. the first day of class. If you register on or after the start of class, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the link to appear when you login to Brightspace.
  2. Check your section number and start day of your class.

Books for Online Courses

To find the required books for your course, first know your online course and section number, e.g. ENG 113 31OX.   Required books for online courses are not always identical to required books for classroom courses. Some courses also require software, lab kits, tools, or other supplies and equipment.

You can order your books from the online campus bookstore. Books will be shipped to you for a fee.

Online Bookstore

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are online courses right for me?
    • You’ll need access to a computer and the Internet to be able to participate in class.
    • Depending on your current level of experience, you may also need to learn new skills in order to view course materials and communicate with your instructor and other students online. Podcasts, discussion groups, chat rooms – these can all be part of online learning. 
    • Do you need face-to-face contact? Some people learn better that way. If this describes you, consider taking one of our hybrid courses. They offer some of the flexibility of online learning, but still include some face-to-face meetings on campus