Shawn Montano

Job Title:
Video Production Coordinator/Instructor
Phone number: 
200 E. 9th Street
First Year at EGTC:

I recall with delight my first opportunity to lecture about visual storytelling. That moment in 2001 aroused a desire to educate those willing to listen. My passion for instruction guided me, lecturing in nearly 30 states at conferences, colleges, news-stations and workshops. I added part-time adjunct professor to my resume in 2009. I balanced teaching and full time video-work for a couple of years. After nearly 15 years in newsrooms and production houses I left to focus my passion on instruction. I will likely teach until I die. I’m so much more than a teacher. I’m a manager, counselor, work-force trainer, comedian, motivational speaker and friend. I tell my students they are on a journey; I’m just the guide.


Emily's Cafe is a product of our Culinary Arts Program. Our entrees are ordered, created, prepared, and served by our Culinary Arts students.


Emily's Cafe is open to the public Monday,...

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Massage therapy is an excellent way to relax after a busy day, can help reduce pain and tension and can help decrease stress and anxiety. It is a great preventative health care option, and we encourage you to make an appointment with Emily...

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Come visit our brand new salon and barbershop facility at 1820 Lincoln Street, Denver, C0 80203. Our Barbering and Cosmetology students offer a wide range of services, including cuts, shaves, facials, coloring and other chemical...

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Relax. Correct. Nourish. Beautify. Rejuvenate.

Emily's Spa offers relaxing facials, waxing, and make-up application at lower prices while our students practice and hone their skills in the field of skin care. All work performed by...

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