Shawn Montano

Job Title:
Video Production Coordinator/Instructor
Phone number: 
200 E. 9th Street
First Year at EGTC:

I recall with delight my first opportunity to lecture about visual storytelling. That moment in 2001 aroused a desire to educate those willing to listen. My passion for instruction guided me, lecturing in nearly 30 states at conferences, colleges, news-stations and workshops. I added part-time adjunct professor to my resume in 2009. I balanced teaching and full time video-work for a couple of years. After nearly 15 years in newsrooms and production houses I left to focus my passion on instruction. I will likely teach until I die. I’m so much more than a teacher. I’m a manager, counselor, work-force trainer, comedian, motivational speaker and friend. I tell my students they are on a journey; I’m just the guide.



Emily's Barber Shop is located at 1860 Lincoln Street on the Mezzanine level. Barbering students give cuts, shaves, facials, dyes and styles at low cost while they master their trade. Emily Griffith Technical...

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Emily's Cafe is a product of our Culinary Arts Program. Our entrees are ordered, created, prepared, and served by our Culinary Arts students.


Emily's Cafe is open to the public Monday,...

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Massage therapy is an excellent way to relax after a busy day, can help reduce pain and tension and can help decrease stress and anxiety. It is a great preventative health care option, and we encourage you to make an appointment with Emily...

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Emily Griffith Technical College has been training Colorado's best cosmetologists for over 75 years. Emily's Salon offers a full selection of services, from haircuts, waves and coloring to facials and waxing services. All...

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Relax. Correct. Nourish. Beautify. Rejuvenate.

Emily's Spa offers relaxing facials, waxing, and make-up application at lower prices while our students practice and hone their skills in the field of skin care. All work performed by...

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