Professional Baking and Design


The Professional Baker program trains students in the fundamentals of professional baking. Students can complete the entire program and receive a certificate as a Professional Baker.  Students can also complete our continuing education program in Cake Decorating.

The cake decorating curriculum gives students instruction to skillfully express their creativity. It consists of hands-on training, beginning with basic decorating techniques and progressing to the elaborate skills necessary to complete a beautifully decorated wedding cake. 

The professional baker curriculum provides training for those who wish to enter this dynamic segment of the food service industry; specialty bake shops, supermarkets, discount chains and delicatessens are all expanding into the “hot bakery” field.


Professional Baker Program Flyer

Gainful Employment Information



2017—2018 Program Dates

Please note that end dates are approximate.

Professional Baker
Part-Time (afternoons)

Start Date End Date Days Time
2/12/2018 5/14/2018 M–Th 12:00pm—4:00pm
4/26/2018 7/19/2018 M–Th 12:00pm—4:00pm

Cake Decorator
Part-Time (evenings)

Start Date End Date Days Time
3/8/2018  5/14/2018 M–Th 5:00pm—9:00pm
5/15/2018  7/12/2018 M–Th 5:00pm—9:00pm

2018—2019 Program Dates

Please note that end dates are approximate.

Part-Time (afternoons)

Start Date End Date Days Time
8/20/2018 11/12/2018 M–Th 12:00pm—4:00pm
11/5/2018 2/14/2019 M–Th 12:00pm—4:00pm
2/11/2019 5/13/2019 M–Th 12:00pm—4:00pm
4/25/2019 7/18/2019 M–Th 12:00pm—4:00pm


Program Cost

  • Total Credit Hours: 10
  • Estimated Program Cost: $1,599 (books may add to your final cost)


It's free to apply to Emily Griffith Technical College. You're under no obligation once you apply. Filling out an application allows us to connect you with people who can provide more information about your preferred studies and career goals.

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Earning Potential

Cake Decorator

  • Hourly Pay = $12.97
  • Annual Salary = $26,980+Bonus


  • Hourly Pay = $14.09
  • Annual Salary = $29,310+Bonus

Food Preparation

  • Hourly Pay = $9.73
  • Annual Salary = $20,240+Tip


To what types of jobs do these skills apply?

  • Baker
  • Pastry chef


What types of companies might hire me?

  • Caterers
  • Country clubs
  • Cruise ships
  • Delis
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Nursing homes
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Schools

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From our students...

I love my class because its very small so we get more time with the chef and my teacher is an awesome person.

Cara Curwen
Professional Baking Student

From our teachers...

I love when students return and tell me how much they appreciated the program and what they learned.

Kristi Martin