Professional Baking and Design

The Professional Baking and Design Program trains students in the fundamentals of professional baking and cake decorating.  Students can complete the entire program and receive a certificate in Professional Baking and Design, or can complete certificates in either Professional Baking or Cake Decorating.

The cake decorating curriculum gives students instruction to skillfully express their creativity. It consists of hands-on training, beginning with basic decorating techniques and progressing to the elaborate skills necessary to complete a beautifully decorated wedding cake. 

The professional baking curriculum provides training for those who wish to enter this dynamic segment of the food service industry; specialty bake shops, supermarkets, discount chains and delicatessens are all expanding into the “hot bakery” field.

Why consider Professional Baking?

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Obtain hands-on training, preparing baked goods for Emily's Cafe

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Start working as a baker upon completion of program

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Work in an exciting creative food industry

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Flexible work schedule

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Begin working after 1.5 months of training

What's the average pay for professional baking and culinary arts jobs?

Cake Decorator

  • Hourly Pay = $12.97
  • Annual Salary = $26,980+Bonus


  • Hourly Pay = $14.09
  • Annual Salary = $29,310+Bonus

Food Preparation

  • Hourly Pay = $9.73
  • Annual Salary = $20,240+Tip

What types of companies can I work for?What types of jobs can I choose?

  • Baker 
  • Catering firms 
  • Country clubs 
  • Cruise ships 
  • Delis 
  • Grocery stores 
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Pastry chef
  • Resorts 
  • Restaurants 
  • Schools

Professional Baking and Design Program Details

(Does not include Cake Decorating)

2014 - 2015 Program Dates:

  • Full-Time (a.m. and p.m.):
    • 08/25/2014 – 10/06/2014
    • 10/07/2014 – 11/16/2014
    • 11/20/2014 – 01/20/2015
    • 01/21/2015 – 03/04/2015
    • 03/05/2015 – 04/23/2015
    • 04/27/2015 – 06/04/2015
    • 06/08/2015 – 07/16/2015
  • Part-Time (Evening):
    • 08/25/2014 – 11/16/2014
    • 01/20/2015 – 04/22/2015

Class Hours:

  • Full-Time: M-Th, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Part-Time, Evening: M-Th, 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.


  • Total Credit Hours: 17.00
  • Estimated Program Cost: $2,097.00 plus books and materials
  • The estimated costs are for reference only. Exact prices will be assigned during the registration process.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Vocational Transitions (Español)
Time: 9:30am
Vocational Transitions Orientation
Time: 9:30am
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Vocational Transitions (Español)
Time: 1:00pm

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From our students...

 I saw the lower tuition, the small class sizes and the hands on training.  It keeps my interest and working as a team helps my communication skills too.

Michael Young
Culinary Arts Student