Emily's Coffee

Emily's Coffee Shop not only serves an excellent cup of coffee but also provides job-training for refugees and immigrants. All proceeds support the mission of Emily Griffith Technical College. We take pride in serving locally produced and delicious espresso, teas and baked goods in Emily's Coffee.  Located in the lobby of our main campus at 1860 Lincoln Street.

Planning an event? Let Emily's Catering help. Check out our catering menu.
Cost Small/Large
Espresso $1.75
Americano $1.85
Latte $2.65/2.90
Cappuccino $2.65/2.90
Mocha $3.20/3.50
Macchiato $1.95
House Coffee $1.60/1.85
Hot Tea $1.60/1.85
Chai Tea Latte $2.65/2.90
Hot Chocolate $2.65/2.90
Extra Flavors $0.60
Soy Milk $0.60
Extra Shot $0.60
Muffins and Scones $1.25

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In their own words...

I am finally in the perfect discipline that applies artistic skill and analytic interests in an industry with a very bright future.

Brian Gies
GIS Student

There are students at different levels in every class and they can help and work with each other.  I’m here to keep students moving in the right direction.

Lina Fedynyshyn
Accounting Instructor

I chose EGTC because it’s so conveniently located and I like the self-paced approach.

Jill Rogers
Accounting Student