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Scholarships for International Students



Financial assistance for English classes and college courses

The Language Learning Center at Emily Griffith Technical College works with the Emily Griffith Foundation to provide scholarship opportunities for students who want to improve their English or who want to complete career certificate programs at EGTC.  The scholarships help pay tuition for students who are not able to afford the full costs of classes.  The goal of the scholarship program is to continue the original vision of our founder, Emily Griffith, by providing opportunities for all who wish to learn.  

Our scholarship program is supported by businesses and individual donors who contribute to the Emily Griffith Foundation.  Click here to support our scholarship program.  Your contribution provides opportunities for students to improve their English so they can get on the path to a better career.   

See below for available scholarships and how to apply for assistance.

Scholarships for English Language Classes

General Info: The Emily Griffith Foundation provides funding for scholarships to pay for English (ELA) classes.  The scholarships are for students who have financial need and are unable to pay the full amount of the classes themselves.  Scholarships partially fund the cost of class.  The student is responsible for paying any additional portion of tuition or books. 

Eligibility: Scholarships are open to all English language students who require financial assistance.  Students must maintain 75 percent attendance and receive a grade of C or higher to be eligible.  ELA classes are designed for individuals who do not speak English as their first language.

Availability: Funding for the ELA scholarships is limited.  Not all students who apply will receive a scholarship.  Once funding for the term is complete, no additional scholarship will be issued until the next term.  Students are encouraged to apply as soon as registration starts. 

Application Process

  1. Meet with advisor in the Language Learning Center (Room 426, 1860 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203)
  2. Complete the scholarship application
  3. New students who have never enrolled in English classes at Emily Griffith Technical College must first take an assessment test to determine their English level
  4. All scholarship applications will be reviewed for a period of up to two weeks. 
  5. Once a decision is made, the student will be notified whether he/she has been awarded the scholarship.
  6. Selection for the scholarship will be based on the student’s application and financial need.          

Next Steps: If you are awarded the scholarship, your next steps are to: 

  1. Confirm your registration for classes
  2. Go to the Treasurer’s Office to complete the scholarship process and to pay any remaining balance for your classes.

Scholarships for Career and Technical Education

The Adult Education and Language Learning Center offers scholarships to immigrants and refugees who wish to pursue furhter study in Emily Griffith's College Certificate Programs. 

Application Process

  1. Meet with advisor in the Language Learning Center (Room 426) to discuss eligibility and availability of receiving a scholarship.
  2. Take a TABE or CASAS test (ELA classes might be needed)
  3. Apply for other available grants at EGTC (such as Pell Grant)
  4. Complete the Adult Education and Language Learning Center scholarship application (available through the Language Learning Center, room 426)
  5. Interview with Emily Griffith Foundation
  6. Once you have completed these steps, you will be notified whether you will receive the scholarship

Next Steps: If you are awarded the scholarship, your next steps are to: 

  1. Register for classes (either in the certificate program or in ELA if necessary)
  2. Go to the Financial Aid Office to proceed with the financial aid application
  3. Go to the Treasurer's Office to complete the scholarship process