Conversation Class

Improve your speaking and listening skills

About the Conversation course:

Students will practice conversation skills appropriate to their English level. These skills include:

adhering to U.S. cultural norms for conversation in different social or professional contexts

  • engaging in small talk
  • communicating independently on a variety of very basic topics
  • asking for and giving clarifying information
  •  identifying main ideas
  • verbally summarizing information from a variety of data sources

Students will practice these skills through pair and group work with classmates, engagement with native speakers, participation in class presentations, games, and activities, and interaction with community resources. 

Who should take the Conversation class?

Students at the beginning levels who need practice in everyday communication to help with everyday tasks and work situations can take this class.  Students in this class tested  into ESL 1 or 2. 

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To enroll in an advanced or elective ESL course visit the Language Learning Center at the Emily Griffith Campus for a free assessment test to determine if you are ready for the program.  We are located at 1860 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203, Room 426.  Or call 720-423-4750 for more information.

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