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Anti-Racist Clients Only

Anti-Racist Clients Only

Multimedia & Video Production alum Dianne Myles was recently profiled in the Denver Business Journal about her work. You can view the full article here.

In 2017, Dianne Myles stepped outside of her corporate workplace, said a prayer and quit that day.

“Like a lot of Black women in corporate America, I had experienced a lot of racism and biases and decided I just wasn’t going to do it anymore one day.”

A love of motherhood led her to create Dope Mom Life, which started as a mommy blog to showcase the fun she was having with her family. Her passion for being in front of the camera compelled her to go to Emily Griffith Technical College to learn videography, including behind-the-scenes skills, so she could start a production company.

That first year, Myles was building both her blog and her video production company. One day, she met a client in a coffee shop in Aurora, in a part of
town that was becoming gentrified. While at the shop, she learned about city resources that helped local residents in neighborhoods that were
transitioning — and she wanted to help people access those resources.

Ultimately, she was inspired to merge her two companies — the blog and
the video production company — to create engaging content that represents communities with an authentic voice.

“You can’t just want to sell the community,” Myles said of the clients she
works with, adding that she interviews them as much as they interview her.
“You have to be investing in the community.” Myles said she incorporates
anti-racism into her work and expects clients to do the same.

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