Celebrating 104 years! : Emily Griffith Technical College

Celebrating 104 years!

Celebrating 104 years!

104 years ago on September 9th, 1916, Emily Griffith opened the doors of the Opportunity School and nearly 2,000 students flowed through the doors that first week to learn new skills and find new opportunities. 

In honor of our anniversary, Mayor Michael Hancock has proclaimed September 9th as Emily Griffith Technical College Day, commemorating all that we have accomplished over the last 104 years. 

The proclamation states: “Over the last 104 years, more than 2 million people have benefitted from Emily Griffith Technical College’s progressive idea that education should be accessible to all… A transformation was made at Emily Griffith Technical College prior to and through the Coronavirus pandemic in order to continue to help students across the Front Range retool their skills for today’s workforce and tomorrow’s opportunities to fuel the Colorado economy… Emily Griffith Technical College continues to innovate for the future, providing training for careers, technical education and trades because these skills are key to our successful future” 

To celebrate, we are working with the Emily Griffith Foundation to provide additional support to 104 students over the next year. 

“In partnership with the Emily Griffith Foundation, we’ve made a commitment to provide above and beyond support to 104 students and alumni over the next year as a way to give back to our community, like Emily herself would have done,” said Lulu Lantzy, Director of Innovation and Partnerships. “We’ll be asking students to submit requests, big and small, and we will fulfill 104 of those requests. On our 105th anniversary on September 9, 2021 we will be recapping everything we were able to do to support our students over the past year.” 

Check out our press release here.