Community Partners

Community partners are local businesses that support the refugee resettlement program by providing job shadow sites and employment opportunities for refugees who have completed employment training at Emily Griffith Technical College. 

Community partners offer refugees a chance to gain on-the-job experience in an American work environment so that these individuals can acquire jobs and support their families. Being a community partner is also a great way to support diversity in the workplace.


Community Partners

Watch this video to learn about our 6-year partnership with the Hyatt Regency that has resulted in numerous jobs for refugees. 


Community Partners include:

Job Shadows

We partner with local businesses to provide on-site work experiences referred to as "job shadows." Job shadows provide great opportunities for newly-arrived refugees and immigrants-- who are unfamiliar with U.S. culture-- to experience an American business environment.

As a community partner, you can expect to provide job shadow opportunities for one week a month.

There are many benefits to you and your company in becoming a community partner and offering on-site experience for refugees and immigrants, including:

  • Increased visibility as a business that supports diversity and community Involvement.
  • Your work as a community partner will be credited on all publications relating to the program.
  • Potential job candidates will be pre-trained and you will have the ability to observe the worker first hand.
  • Your contribution will build a stronger community by helping refugees and immigrants to support themselves

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these student workers legally eligible to work in the U.S.?

All of our student workers have federally issued social security cards and resident alien numbers giving them legal permission to work in the U.S. 

Are the student workers covered by workers' compensation?

As a member of Denver Public Schools, students of Emily Griffith are covered by Denver Public School's Workers' Compensation program. 

How long does a job shadow last?

Job shadows last for one week. 

How often will our company be asked to provide a job shadow opportunity?

Every other month for one week at a time. 

How many student workers will our company have to accommodate at a time during a job shadow?

We will work with you to determine the capacity and number of student workers that can be accommodated by your company's work environment. 

What does the job shadow entail and what will our company be asked to do?

Your company will be asked to pair a student worker with one of your employees. The student will "shadow" the employee and can be asked to complete tasks that you company's management feel comfortable delegating. Please note that student workers do not handle money during the job shadow.

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