Celebrating World Refugee Day & Immigrant Heritage Month : Emily Griffith Technical College

Celebrating World Refugee Day & Immigrant Heritage Month

Celebrating World Refugee Day & Immigrant Heritage Month

Refugees, asylees and immigrants who attend Emily Griffith Technical College gathered for a potluck last month to celebrate their diverse cultures.

The potluck celebrated World Refugee Day (June 20) and Immigrant Heritage Month, which is in July.

“We wanted to celebrate at Emily Griffith because the college serves a large number of immigrants and refugees,” says Rachel Dedeyn, a community engagement coordinator. 

For the 2021-22 year, Emily Griffith Technical College served 1,886 immigrants and refugees in its English language programs, GED program and CAREERS Program that provides career navigation to students.

The food was amazing, says Rachel. “I was pleasantly surprised that we had a lot of people bring some great food.”

“We had a lot of food from Afghanistan, rice and meat dishes. We had some great food from Columbia and Venezuela, and lots and lots of desserts,” Rachel says. Also, ethiopian food, including injera (a type of bread) with lentils was served. 

She posted large sheets of paper on the walls at the potluck, asking students various questions about the celebration. 

The questions and responses are as followed:

What does World Refugee Day or Immigrant Heritage Month mean to you?

“This day is an attempt to protect the rights of people who have been forced to leave their country for various reasons.”

“These days help refugees get integrated and feel happy.”

How do refugees and immigrants make Emily Griffith Technical College great? 

“Refugees have turned it to a center of different cultures.”

“Refugees and immigrants want to improve their lives and make this place great.”

“Because they create an opportunity for social places and for others to know about other cultures.”

“They make everything more interesting and you can learn about different cultures.”