Cosmetology Student Looks Forward to Success : Emily Griffith Technical College

Cosmetology Student Looks Forward to Success

Cosmetology Student Looks Forward to Success

Luna Keene is a people person — to say the least — and she’s excelling in the cosmetology program at Emily Griffith Technical College.

“I’m a very extraverted person. I love to meet new people,” she says.

She’s also ambitious. Luna is 18 years old and graduated from Denver South High School in the Washington Park neighborhood at the age of 16. 

She had her future all planned out and wanted to finish high school early, attend a four-year college right away, and graduate with a degree in music therapy by the time she was 20.

Although she was accepted into Colorado State University as a music therapy student, she started her first semester at the peak of Covid. 

“It wasn’t really everything I thought it would be,” she says. “I basically finished my first semester there and was like, “Yeah, I think I need to do some re-evaluating of what I really want to do with my life, because I really don’t think a traditional college education is going to make me feel the most fulfilled.”

Luna took a year off from school and wracked her brain about what was next. 

“Something clicked with me, and it really made sense to pursue a cosmetology path because it’s such a creative field, and I’d be working with all kinds of creative minds and getting to talk to people all day,” she says.

She knew about Emily Griffith because two of her closest friends graduated from the cosmetology program and are both working in salons now. 

“They loved the cosmetology program, and it checks all the boxes of what I’m looking for with an education right now,” she says. “Also, going to school in the city at Emily Griffith is amazing because I’m close to home, and it’s an easy commute.”

Emily Griffith’s cosmetology program is located in the heart of downtown Denver at 1860 Lincoln Street.

Luna keeps her music alive, as she still plays guitar and sings. She also loves melding her creativity into what she’s learning at Emily Griffith Technical College’s Cosmetology Program. 

“I want to be as successful as I can be within this program,” she says.