LPN Graduate Enjoys Successful Career in Health Care : Emily Griffith Technical College

LPN Graduate Enjoys Successful Career in Health Care

LPN Graduate Enjoys Successful Career in Health Care

Gabbie Martizna is incredibly grateful for a lucrative career in health care thanks to her Licensed Practical Nursing certificate from Emily Griffith Technical College. 

When she enrolled in the program, she was nine-months pregnant with her second child and wasn’t sure if she could take care of a newborn while continuing her education. She also has a 7-year-old daughter. 

Gabbie Martizna and her son, Ezra.

“I was on the fence. I was pregnant and gave birth the first month I was due to start at Emily Griffith,” she said. “My son was motivation to keep going.” 

Gabbie graduated last June, and now works in home health care, making an excellent wage. 

“Home health care does pay very well, so that’s a blessing that I even got into home health care immediately after graduating,” she said.

Amazing Care hired her after she received her LPN certificate, and she now takes care of four kids who depend on her for home health care. 

“There’s a family that adopted six kids, and four of those kids are pretty much very dependent. One is in a vegatative state,” Gabbie said. “They have stomas and trachs, so I’m able to use a lot of skills that I learned at Emily Griffith.”

For her, it was completely worth the struggle of being a mom of two and going back to school. 

She has some advice for those on the fence about continuing their education.

“Being sedentary, being afraid of change, being afraid of failure… blessings and success are on the other side of that,” she said. “Push yourself past that.” 

Marie Quinn is the director of nursing education programs at Emily Griffith, and she couldn’t agree more with Gabbie on the bonuses of getting an LPN certificate. 

The health care industry is in need of LPNs in all sectors. 

“Three hospitals in this metro area are actively hiring LPNs. It’s kinda unprecedented, it’s huge,” Marie said. “There’s more need than there’s ever been.” 

In order to enroll in the LPN program, students must complete prerequisites. You must have a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate or a Medical Assistant certificate, both offered at Emily Griffith Technical College. 

LPNs are basically climbing the ladder to becoming a registered nurse if they so choose, Marie said. 

Community colleges that offer RN degrees are accepting LPN certificates for continuing education. 

Additionally, many in the medical field fled their jobs when Covid hit, so now the need for these professions is greater than ever.

“Covid has complicated things, so I think it’s even more important now that this practical nursing program is here,” Marie said. “The Licensed Practical Nurse has a very important role in health care.”
Emily Griffith has an 11 month track and an 18 month track program to quickly get people into the profession. For more information about LPN certification, click here.