PCs for People Awarded Partner of the Quarter : Emily Griffith Technical College

PCs for People Awarded Partner of the Quarter

PCs for People Awarded Partner of the Quarter

Emily Griffith Technical College’s Director of Innovation and Partnerships Lulu Lantzy, left, stands with PCs for People Community Impact Manager Caitlin Nelson and Alejandro Dopico who is the executive director of PCs for People.

Emily Griffith Technical College is pleased to announce that PCs for People was awarded our third partner of the quarter award. 

PCs for People recycle electronics and computers for Denver Public Schools and many other companies and government agencies. Last month PCs for the People delivered refurbished computers to the college. 

“Last week due to one of our sponsorships, we delivered 50 top of the line laptops, absolutely no cost to Emily Griffith so they can offer them to their students to help them finish their programs,” says Alejandro Dopico, executive director, PCs for People.

Not only does PCs for People provide Emily Griffith students with free computers and internship opportunities, the non-profit also hires our students.

“We’ve hired four people that started out as Emily Griffith students. In fact our tech manager who supervises four people, she came from the computer program,” Alejandro says.

He’s thrilled his company received the Third Partner of the Quarter Award.

“We’re really proud of it,” he says, noting how much he enjoys working with Emily Griffith Technical College. 

“I love that they have programs where students are hands-on with the computers. It’s not just teaching them about computers but they do the work to place different students into companies so they get experience. 

Partnerships are a cornerstone of Emily Griffith Technical College.

“They play an important role in the success of our programs and of our students. Our Partner of the Quarter Award helps us strengthen existing relationships, and provides us an opportunity to highlight the important work that we are doing with community partners like yours,” Emily Griffith Technical College President Randy Johnson said in an email to Alejandro.

“We selected PCs for People as the winner of our third award because of their incredible support for our students and the community, especially these past couple of years when access to reliable and affordable technology is so crucial. They have been a long time partner of Emily Griffith Technical College. We are thrilled to honor PCs for People with this award,” Randy wrote.

Congratulations to PCs for People!