Matt Sartonio

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1205 Osage Street, Denver, Colorado 80204
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Matt learned to fabricate and bend steel during his 14 years working in a motorcycle shop. He continued to educate himself in order to master his craft and learn new techniques.  Now with more than ten years of experience under his belt, Matt enjoys teaching blacksmithing and helping students with their welding and forge metal projects.


Emily's Cafe is a product of our Culinary Arts Program. Our entrees are ordered, created, prepared, and served by our Culinary Arts students.


Emily's Cafe is open to the public Monday,...

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Massage therapy is an excellent way to relax after a busy day, can help reduce pain and tension and can help decrease stress and anxiety. It is a great preventative health care option, and we encourage you to make an appointment with Emily...

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Come visit our brand new salon and barbershop facility at 1820 Lincoln Street, Denver, C0 80203. Our Barbering and Cosmetology students offer a wide range of services, including cuts, shaves, facials, coloring and other chemical...

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Relax. Correct. Nourish. Beautify. Rejuvenate.

Emily's Spa offers relaxing facials, waxing, and make-up application at lower prices while our students practice and hone their skills in the field of skin care. All work performed by...

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