Construction Careers Now

Construction Careers Now is a complimentary pre-apprenticeship program presented by Build Colorado.

Ready to get started in the construction industry? Get your foot in the door with our fast, no cost Construction Careers Now program. No prior experience is necessary for you to get started

In our fast-track training program you’ll learn all of the skills you need to get an entry-level job in the high-demand construction industry. In 4 weeks, you’ll learn the fundamentals of construction and get your OSHA 10 Safety Card. 

The program ends with a hiring fair to connect you with potential employers in a variety of skilled trades and contractors in the construction industry. 

What Can I Do after completing Construction Careers Now?

With Construction Careers Now, you’ll be qualified for a wide variety of entry-level construction jobs with a number of different developers throughout the Denver Metro area. You can also go on to start an apprenticeship in a skilled trade. Learn more about apprenticeships here.


"There was so much support and opportunity," explains Debbie why she chose to come to Emily Griffith. "There's so much value for your money."

Debbie Wallis is a recent HSE graduate and a current student in our Accounting program. Debbie came to Emily Griffith in order to advance her career. “I felt like to go forward I needed a degree,” she says. She works full-time in purchasing and felt that studying accounting would help her move into better jobs. But before could start the Accounting program she had to get her GED so she took HSE prep classes at Emily Griffith. 

“There was so much support and opportunity,” explains Debbie why she chose to come to Emily Griffith. “There’s so much value for your money.” When she completes the Accounting program, she is considering transferring her credits to go on and earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. She encourages others to continue their education as well. “It’s never to late to study and get a degree,” she says. 

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