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Metalworking and Welding

We have full-time and part-time start dates throughout the year! Give us a call at 720-423-4700 to find out when our next available start date is.

Interested in learning basic welding and blacksmithing? You can gain the knowledge and experience you need to do basic welding through our continuing education welding and metalworking classes. 

You can learn basic through advanced techniques as well as shop tool safety in blacksmithing and metalworking. In Beginning Blacksmithing, you’ll learn basic welding, safety, and the skills of the craft. In Advanced Blacksmithing, you’ll learn traditional decorative ironwork methods and basic forge welding techniques for professionals and hobbyists. And in Metalworking and Fabrication, you’ll learn the basic skills you need to start metalworking on your own. 

Each program is only 6 sessions long and is taught by professional welders. 

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Her advice for other students is to "never stop thinking big! You are never too young or too old to follow your dreams!"

Irma is from Juarez, Mexico. She came to the U.S. when she was 5 years old and has lived in the U.S. for 60 years and in Denver for 30 years. 

She works as a Street Supervisor for RTD, where she writes memos about accidents and incidents reports.  She chose to study at Emily Griffith because she wanted to improve her written English. She would like to move into a lead supervisor position but she needs to be able to communicate at a higher level so that others can easily understand what she writes. 

To help her achieve her goal of becoming a lead street supervisor for RTD, Irma has taken classes that RTD offers, as well as English classes, and is learning computer skills. Her dream is to get a bachelor’s degree in management. 

Her advice for other students is to “never stop thinking big! You are never too young or too old to follow your dreams!”

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