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Interested in getting into the medical field? Not squeamish around blood and other bodily fluids? Getting a certificate in phlebotomy is a great first step into the healthcare world! 

What is phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is the process of puncturing a vein in order to draw blood for transfusion, diagnostic testing or experimental procedures. Phlebotomy is an important process in providing all types of healthcare and people with skills in phlebotomy can work in medical offices, hospitals and clinical laboratories. 

In the Emily Griffith Phlebotomy program, you’ll learn the knowledge and procedural aspects of basic phlebotomy, including venipunctures, collection of blood specimens, and special procedures. You’ll also learn about important infection control and safety practices.

Our short, 8-week program will have you ready to join the workforce quickly! 

Clinical placement: After you complete your coursework, you will be placed in an internship in the field where you’ll gain real-world experience. 

Want more information? Get the Phlebotomy Program Flyer and the Phlebotomy Program Checklist.

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith Phlebotomy Certificate?

Graduates from Emily Griffith’s Phlebotomy program have gone on to work as phlebotomists at:

  • Hospitals
  • Private Clinics
  • Outpatient Laboratories
  • Research Centers

As a phlebotomist, you could go on to other careers in the medical field including medical assisting, medical technology, and clinical laboratory science. 

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Course Information

Required Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
HPR 112 Phlebotomy 4
HPR 180 Internship 1
HPR 112 Phlebotomy

Teaches the duties associated with the practice of venipuncture, capillary puncture, and special collection procedures. This course provides experience with quality control, infection control, safety procedures, as well as laboratory computer systems. Successful completion of this course, with an adequate number of blood draws, will constitute eligibility for application for a National Phlebotomy Registry Examination.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HPR 180 Internship

Provides students with the opportunity to supplement coursework with practical work experience related to their educational program. Students work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the business location and with the direct guidance of the instructor.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.

“The first time I walked into class, I was like this is where I’m supposed to be."

Jessica Blackburn’s parents always encouraged her to find a skilled trade. “I always loved learning about the human body and how things work so part of me has always thought about being a nurse,” says Jessica

But training to be a nurse can be expensive. So she decided to come take her CNA classes at Emily Griffith. 

“The first time I walked into class, I was like this is where I’m supposed to be,” says Jessica. “The atmosphere is super friendly; I loved being in Mrs. Law’s class.” 

She was impressed by how much the class prepared her for her boards. “I was absolutely more confident in my skills than others taking the boards that day,” she says. 

She finished the program in October and began working as a home health aide. And more recently she got a job as a CNA in the telemetry unit at SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center, where she will be assisting with monitoring vital signs.  

She would definitely recommend the Emily Griffith CNA program to others. “It prepares you for the real world,” says Jessica. “It’s a welcoming place and they really want you to succeed.” 

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