Web Development

Love working with computers and solving problems? Interested in an exciting career in the tech industry? Our Web Development program will give you the skills you need to get started. 

At Emily Griffith, you’ll learn the basics necessary to get started in web development. You’ll learn object-oriented programming, multi-platform development, and how to build web applications. 

You’ll gain experience designing, creating, and modifying websites and integrated applications, plus the project management skills necessary to excel in the industry. 

Convenient classes: Take classes two nights a week and complete career-relevant projects at home.

High-demand career: The tech industry in Denver is booming. Plus web development skills allow you to work anywhere! 

Want more information? Get the Web Development Program Flyer and the Web Development Program Checklist.

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith Web Development Certificate?

Graduates from Emily Griffith’s Web Development  program use their certificate to up their business knowledge at their current jobs or to work in jobs such as the following:

  • Web Application Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Front End Developer
  • Net Developer
Information Technology & Computer Science
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Course Information

Required Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
CIS 115 Intro to Computer Info. Sys 3
CSC 119 Introduction to Programming 3
CWB 110 Intro to Web Authoring 3
MGD 141 Web Design I 3
CIS 115 Intro to Computer Info. Sys

Provides an overview of computer information systems and their role in society. This course emphasizes terminology and the identification of computer components and systems used in personal and business environments. This course discusses the evaluation of systems and measures that can be applied to protect them.

Start Date: 10/26/2020
Instructor: Nmuta Jones
CSC 119 Introduction to Programming

Focuses on a general introduction to computer programming. This course emphasizes the design and implementation of structured and logically correct programs with good documentation. It is centered on basic programming concepts, including control structures, modularization, and data processing. A structured programming language is used to implement program designs. It emphasizes the writing of multiple programs following the software development process, from start to finish, including design, implementation, and testing.

Start Date: 12/01/2020
CWB 110 Intro to Web Authoring

Explores the complete set of web authoring skills using HTML and/or other languages. The course covers links, backgrounds, controlling text and graphic placement, tables, image maps and forms.

Start Date: 08/25/2020
MGD 141 Web Design I

Introduces web site planning, design and creation utilizing HTML through industry-standard development tools. Emphasis is placed on applying stylistic decisions using cascading style sheets. Web-based considerations regarding color, typography, aesthetics, user interface design, and process integration with visual-based design tools will be explored.

Start Date: 09/24/2020

“I had to figure out how to organize my life and my family and how to be successful in the U.S.”
— Adnan

In Syria, Adnan studied pharmacology in college and worked as a Pharmaceutical Representative and in medical sales for 7 years. When he first arrived here in Denver, he heard about Emily Griffith and started taking English classes. “One of the challenges I faced upon arriving was getting familiar with new words, new language, new environment, new expectations,” explains Adnan. “I had to figure out how to organize my life and my family and how to be successful in the U.S. It was really expensive in Colorado and a challenge to get a job. I got a job as a driver, but it wasn’t in my field and I didn’t make enough to pay my expenses.”

He says that Tiffany Jaramillo helped him in the CAREERS program and once his English was good enough he worked on getting into the Pharmacy Tech program. “I needed to get my high school diploma from my country, but this was too hard because my country was in the war. I had to get the documents I had translated and then work with the Health Science department to get approved with what I had,” explains Adnan.

The Pharmacy Tech classes have had their own challenges for Adnan. “I had to learn a new vocabulary and medical words. My primary language is Arabic and most of the people in my class speak English,” he says. “Mr. Joe has helped me if I need specific or more help or clarifications. He is a helpful man.”

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