Q&A with Year 2 Pipefitter Apprentice : Emily Griffith Technical College

Q&A with Year 2 Pipefitter Apprentice

Q&A with Year 2 Pipefitter Apprentice

Program: Pipefitters Apprenticeship

Training Partner: RK Industries

Tell us about yourself. What influenced you to become an apprentice?

I was inspired to become a pipefitter apprentice when I joined the welding program at my high school. There, I learned how to weld, use a grinder, operate machinery and much more! Since then, I knew it was my calling and applied to the RK Mechanical apprenticeship program after graduation. I have been an apprentice for a little over a year now and will never look back. Thanks to my great coworkers and bosses, I am now a certified pipe welder and structural welder working at Denver International Airport. I’m also taking online courses through Emily Griffith, working toward my steamfitter certification.

What do you do as an apprentice? 

As an apprentice, I show up to work Monday through Friday and assist my coworkers with various tasks.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On Mondays, I go to an in-person class at 4 p.m. where myself and other students go over our pipefitting handbooks. On Wednesdays, we do our online learning which allows us to complete assignments in Moodle.

What has been your greatest achievement since beginning your training?

My greatest achievement was passing my pipe welding certification. It brought me to a whole new level in my career and I love doing it! It also gave me confidence and even more hope for the future.