Q&A with Year 2 Sheet Metal Apprentice : Emily Griffith Technical College

Q&A with Year 2 Sheet Metal Apprentice

Q&A with Year 2 Sheet Metal Apprentice

Program: Sheet Metal Apprenticeship

Training Partner: RK Mechanical

What influenced you to become an apprentice?​

I’ve been working in the sheet metal trade for about three and a half years and am in my second year of apprenticeship. I became an apprentice for the opportunities following the program. It’s a great way to learn an incredible amount of information about the trade in a structured environment, taught by people who are doing or have done the work. The program was also a way for me to learn about the aspects of the sheet metal trade that I otherwise might not have had exposure to.

What do you do as an apprentice? ​ ​

I’m taking the course for professional development as opposed to a traditional apprenticeship. Shortly after starting my first year, I received a promotion to work in the office as part of the Input Department. Now, I spend my days pulling remote entry files and reviewing items to ensure quality.

What does this work entail and how does it impact others?​

If I find any inaccuracies I reach out to the field foreman or designer and work with them to resolve the problem. Once all the items are ready for production, I print the reports and labels, review written machine codes, figure the total pounds and hours for the job, run Global Shop imports, create shippers, and send emails to all involved parties.​

Having an understanding of the different facets of the sheet metal trade allows me to better assist the foremen, ensuring that they receive the items they need while doing it in the most efficient way for the shop to produce. I’ll soon receive training on the software used by CAD so that I can work with the design team.”