Safe Classes During COVID - Emily Griffith Technical College

Safe Classes

How we are providing safe classes

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our world, we at Emily Griffith are working hard to provide a safe learning environment for all. 

Virtual classrooms

Starting in the Fall of 2020, all of our programs will be offering some virtual instruction, in order to protect our students and faculty from exposure to the coronavirus. 

Our virtual classes are taught in a variety of ways. Some of our lectures are pre-recorded for students to watch on their own time along with other assignments such as worksheets and textbook readings. Students also have live, online sessions with their instructors to review material, learn techniques and skills, and discuss topics as a group. 

Check out an example of our English language virtual classes: 

All material that can be taught virtually is, in order to limit the number of students on campus at any given time. For some programs, that means classes are entirely virtual, including Accounting, Geographic Information Systems, CAD-BIM, Computer Networking, Legal Office, Multimedia & Video Production, Medical Administrative Assistant, GED preparation, and Google IT Professional. 

Many of our programs require hands-on skills training and practice. For these programs, we have a hybrid model, where lectures are virtual, and on-campus class time is reserved for labs and skills practice.

Safe onsite classes

Classes taking place on campus adhere to strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our students and faculty. Including: 

  • Anyone arriving on campus is required to go through a health check before entering the building
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask while on campus
  • The number of students and instructors in a classroom at any given time must stay within the state guidelines
  • Student lounges are closed
  • Bathroom usage is limited

Safety is a top priority for our career training programs and, in many cases, is already built into the curriculum. You don’t want to weld without protection, cut hair or perform facials without clean instruments, or administer health care procedures without the proper equipment. 

We continue to put our students’ health first, and so our class structure and teaching methods may change to guarantee a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone. 

Learn about the current recommendations from the Colorado Department of Higher Education here

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