Student Q&A: Emily Samora, Automotive Service : Emily Griffith Technical College

Student Q&A: Emily Samora, Automotive Service

Student Q&A: Emily Samora, Automotive Service

Emily Samora

Program: Automotive Service

Anticipated date of completion: January 2022

Why this career?

Because I have a passion for cars. I love putting things together and pulling them apart. I find working on a car to be rewarding and relaxing. It’s like a coping skill for me. When I was little, I used to pull apart my electronics and try to figure out how they worked. Everyone has something that they enjoy doing that is fascinating or brings them a form of peace. Mine is cars. I love the way they sound, the way some cars look. I love everything about it. It’s my lavender in the nature of the world.

What do you like about the Automotive Services program?

I love the environment. The teachers are great people. They are educated and smart and fun to be around. I love that we can use our own cars to learn on if we need to and that the school provides us with donated cars as well. There is a big shop environment as well, so lots of space to work in.

Hopes and dreams:

I hope to obtain a good-paying job. A good-paying job will help me to take care of my children better and hopefully move into a house. I want to be financially stable and comfortable in life, and I can achieve this through automotive. At the same time, I will be doing a job I enjoy doing that has constant change in the work activities. I don’t like doing the same thing every day, that’s boring. I’m a single mom of two beautiful girls, who are my world. I want to show them that no matter how hard your life was growing up, you can overcome anything and achieve your goals and dreams. 

Fun fact:

I went to cosmetology school and have a degree in cosmetology. My hair is always changing colors from purple, blue, pink, green to anything fun. At the moment my hair actually glows under a black light. No matter what you do for a living you should always express your unique personality and be happy with who you are. I am fun and bubbly, and it shows in the way I color my hair. 

Something else that’s interesting about me is that I was adopted at a young age, then placed in the foster care system again. I went through many group homes and programs and ended up homeless for a small portion of my life. I had my children, and they saved me. Throughout my rocky life, I never gave up hope and always knew I would strive to be the best I can be, and here I am shining like a star. Anything is possible.