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Student Resources

Transit and Parking

If you decide to study at Emily Griffith, you’ll be able to take classes in the heart of downtown Denver. We have three campuses, which are all easily accessible via public transportation. 

Visit our Location page to find out all the different transit and parking options for Emily Griffith.


Each program at Emily Griffith has a different price. To find out how much your program costs, visit the Programs web page and click on your program of choice. That page will tell you all about your program, your cost and what you will study. 

Have more questions regarding tuition? Visit our Tuition page for more information


You can pay online and at the Treasurer’s Office. Payment is due within 10 days of registering.

Have more questions regarding payment? Visit our payment page for all information.


The safety and security of our students, staff, and faculty is of utmost importance at Emily Griffith Technical College. Please review the resources below to understand our safety and security plans and policies. 

Health Care and Safety of Employees Students and Guests

Campus Emergency Plan

Campus Security Policy

First Aid Kit Locations

When You Hear It – Do It: What to do in an Emergency

Annual Security Report

DPS Risk Management 

DPS Safety Guidelines and Standards

DPS Safety and Security 

Safe 2 Tell