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Demonstration of Program Readiness

Emily Griffith has multiple ways to ensure that students are ready and prepared for their programs, and then for employment in the fields of study. We evaluate standardized test scores, your high school records, and your records at other institutions of higher education both from the US and abroad. You can view the charts below to determine if you have fulfilled the assessment requirements. After submitting an admissions application you may email documentation of your assessment to admissions@emilygriffith.edu.


Ed Ready Learning Path and Keycodes

If you are not able to demonstrate your readiness for a program through previous test scores or past education, we offer an EdReady Learning Path. Through the EdReady Learning Path you'll practice the skills necessary for you to enter the Career and Technical Education program of your choice. Once you have met your program's target score in the EdReady Learning Path you can submit the results as proof of program readiness. You will not need to take the TABE entrance test if you complete the EdReady Learning Path. EdReady Learning Path scores are valid for 2 years. 

Click the link below to start. Use the keycodes associated with the program for which you are applying in the table below. 


  1. Visit the link to sign up for an EdReady account. Enter your full name and email address to match the information provided on your Emily Griffith admissions application. 
  2. Enter the keycodes (listed below) associated with the program for which you are applying.
  3. Take the diagnostic and complete your individualized learning path (note: if your initial diagnostic demonstrates that you have met your program's target score, you will automatically have completed your learning path and can submit your results). 
  4. Once your learning path demonstrates that you have met your program's target score you will receive a confirmation email from EdReady showing the completion of your path. Please forward your results to admissions@emilygriffith.edu. Include your full name (as provided on your admissions application) and your date of birth (mm/dd/yy).
  5. If you need assistance, please email EdReady.Help@emilygriffith.edu; text (720)432-7315. 
Program Reading Key Code Math Key Code
Accounting 563read Accmath
Automotive Collision 536read ACmath
Automotive Service 536read ATSmath
Barbering 576read  
Nurse Assisting (CNA) 576read  
CAD-BIM 563read CADmath
Computer Networking 555read CNmath
Construction Essentials 536read CEmath
Cosmetology 576read  
Culinary Arts 563read  
Cybersecurity 555read CSmath
Dental Assisting 617read  
Esthetician 576read  
Geographic Information Systems 597read GISmath
HVAC 536read HVACmath
Legal Office 597read  
Practical Nursing & Nursing Prereqs 617read PNmath
Massage Therapy 576read  
Medical Administrative Assistant 597read  
Medical Assisting 617read MAmath
Pharmacy Technician 597read PTCmath
Phlebotomy 576read  
Professional Baking 576read  
Multimedia & Video Production 563read  
Web Development 555read WDmath
Welding 501read WLDmath
Water Quality Management 597read WQMmath


Start EdReady Learning Path

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