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The Right Time for the Right Technology

The Right Time for the Right Technology

Sonja Naylor Rangel

Program: Multimedia and Video Production

Anticipated date of completion: July 2022

Why this career?

I’ve always been interested but the technology wasn’t available or taught yet when I was younger, and then life got in the way.

Why Emily?

The Multimedia and Video Production program offers a sampler of all my interests in one affordable one-year program unlike other schools that only offer a segment over two to four years.

What do you like about the program so far?

My teacher is fantastic! She does a great job combining in-person and remote learning. She really knows what she’s doing, and I’m learning things I can definitely use. I was also very relieved to be able to borrow rather than buy a used computer. I’m excited that there’s a lot of support for finding work after I’ve completed the program.

Hopes and dreams:

I would ideally like to be able to find freelance post-production work to augment my current work as a church musician. I’m already putting skills to work making virtual choir videos and worship services. I would like to help create training programs for autistic people and people with alternative learning styles.

Fun fact:

I can sing two notes at once. It sounds like a toy whistle. Apparently, my grandpa could do it too. I have not yet figured out how to monetize this skill.