Volunteering with Refugees

The Colorado Refugee ESL Volunteer Program

Refugee students and volunteers

The Language Learning Center in Denver, Colorado offers volunteers the opportunity to work with refugees from all over the world. Volunteers can tutor in a refugee English class and interact with students from Africa, East Asia, the Middle East and the Former Soviet Union.

See below for information on becoming a classroom tutor or in-home tutor.

Emily Griffith Technical College is the State's official provider of English classes for all refugees entering Colorado.  Individuals who arrive with refugee status are eligible to take English classes for free for up to five years.  After completing the English program, scholarships are available for refugees to enter into college programs at EGTC and work towards a long term career.

Refugees are individuals who have escaped persecution and are looking for better lives here in Denver. You have the opportunity to help them on that pathway to more opportunities.

The Language Learning Center's Volunteer Program is sponsored by the Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP).

Classroom Refugee ESL Tutor

Job Summary

  • Volunteer tutors work with adult refugees who are learning the English language skills necessary for living and working in our community.
  • Tutors assist the classroom instructor by working with individuals or small groups of students.


  • Strong desire to improve the English language skills of recently arrived refugees
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Ability to tutor on a consistent basis for a minimum of four months
  • Patience, understanding, and flexibility
  • Fluency in English


  • Mandatory (free) background check required for all Denver Public Schools volunteers
  • Complete informal interview and classroom observation
  • Complete training workshop offered at the school
  • Tutor students on a regular basis
  • Work closely with the classroom teacher and follow the teacher's directions for
  • instruction of the students
  • Notify the volunteer coordinator if you are unable to be present during your scheduled hours

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Sharon McCreary
Phone: 720-423-4843
E-mail: Sharon.McCreary@EmilyGriffith.edu

In-Home Refugee ESL Tutor

Job Summary

  • The tutor will work with an adult refugee. The student will be a limited-English speaker who is unable to attend class.
  • The tutor will use published curriculum materials or create appropriate materials to meet the student's listening, speaking, reading, and writing needs.


  • 2 hours per week for a minimum of four months
  • The tutor will attend a training in ESL teaching methods and techniques prior to being assigned a student


  • Sensitivity to persons of culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Strong interest to improve the language skills of culturally diverse persons
  • Ability to tutor on a consistent basis
  • Ability to share knowledge about American culture and customs
  • Patience, understanding, flexibility, and organizational skills
  • High degree of English fluency


  • Attend ESL training
  • Tutor student/s 2 hours a week for a minimum of four months
  • Prepare ESL lesson plans and materials as necessary for each tutoring session
  • Familiarize student with American culture and customs
  • Attend quarterly in-service meetings
  • Record hours tutored each month and mail, fax, e-mail or call in to Volunteer Coordinator at the end of every month

Learn More or Apply Now!

Sharon McCreary
Phone: 720-423-4843
E-mail: Sharon.McCreary@EmilyGriffith.edu


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