Welder Turned Lawyer Credits Emily Griffith Technical College for Success : Emily Griffith Technical College

Welder Turned Lawyer Credits Emily Griffith Technical College for Success

Welder Turned Lawyer Credits Emily Griffith Technical College for Success

Molly Ferrer sits with her sons in front of an iron furniture store she ran in Denver. 
(Photo appeared in The Denver Post in 2001.)

Molly Ferrer never would’ve guessed that attending a welding program at Emily Griffith Technical College would help her land a job as a lawyer. 

“Life is a series of events,” Molly says. “The welding program was a pretty significant event in my life, considering everything that resulted from it.”

In the early 2000s, she owned an iron furniture shop called the Silver Dollar Trading Company on South Pearl Street in Denver. She imported furniture from Mexico to Denver, and it would often come in broke and in need of major welding repairs.

“I was paying a lot of money to have people weld my furniture and fix it,” Molly says. “Someone told me I should look at the welding program at Emily Griffith because you can literally learn anything there.”

It wasn’t long before she started classes, and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“At the time, the welding instructor had this handlebar mustache. It looked like he walked right out of a Western movie. He was so welcoming. I learned how to weld,” Molly says.

She and her husband Byran Ferrer — who worked at Denver Public Schools in Human Resources at the time — had two small sons, and running her own business became taxing. She decided to close the furniture shop and lease the storefront to a pizzeria. Molly used the rent money from the pizzeria to pay for her continued education at the University of Colorado Boulder law school. 

After Molly earned her law degree, she started applying for attorney jobs, and she got an interview with a well-respected law firm. During the interview, her furniture store and the welding program at Emily Griffith came up with one of the main partners. 

“And he was like, ‘Well then we’re going to hire you. You’re just going to do what it takes. If you’re going to learn how to weld because you need to save money on repairing your furniture, you’re going to do whatever it takes here,’” Molly explains. 

“So I found it really, really interesting that the one thing that separated me from the herd when I was applying for law firm jobs was my welding experience,” she says. 

Molly stayed at the firm for three years and saved up enough money with her husband so that they could both quit their jobs and travel the world for a year with their sons in 2010-11.

“We homeschooled our boys, and we had these tickets where you could keep making stops as you made your way around the world,” Molly says.

After returning from their year-long adventure, Molly has come full circle. Once an Emily Griffith student within Denver Public schools, she’s now been serving DPS as a Deputy General Counsel for ten years.