Frightful Flesh Mob to Descend on Downtown Denver

Cosmetology students of Emily Griffith Technical College will play victims of their own creations as they moan through downtown with up to 30 students stylized by their peers to resemble the walking dead.

This afternoon, the zombies’ nail, hair, and make up applications will begin in classrooms at 2 p.m. and the FLESH MOB will depart from the Emily Griffith Campus at 1860 Lincoln Street about 5 p.m. Here is the proposed route, to and along the 16th Street Mall:

People can vote on the scariest zombie beginning at 12 noon on October 28 at

Learn more about the EGTC Flesh Mob.

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In their own words...

I love how EGTC feels like I’m on the job at an automotive garage. Our teacher is great; he brings a wealth of experience in the field, and his only mission is to help us maintain a career.

Christopher Mcllaren
Automotive Technology Student


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From our teachers...

Esthetician is an industry that has lots of variety. You can work at a spa, you can be a sales rep, or work at a waxing company; there is a lot that you can do with this career.


Linda Troute
Esthetician Instructor