Student Records

Certificate and transcripts are confidential documents and can only be released upon receipt of either a request form signed by the student or through the online digital transcript request link. Official transcripts are $7. Please allow 5 business days (10 business days for transcripts dated prior to 1990) to process your request after payment is received. Transcripts will not be released to students with unmet financial obligations. 

Certificates are awarded after completion of the program. Duplicate program certificates are $20. 

Please note that this process is only for Emily Griffith Technical College requests. For Emily Griffith High School transcripts, please contact Emily Griffith High School directly. 

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students can view and print their unofficial transcripts free of charge through the Emily Griffith Technical College student portal

Request an Official Digital PDF Transcript

To request an official digital PDF transcript, please click here. 

Students requesting transcripts for time periods both before and after 2004: It is recommended that you request a paper transcript, otherwise you will have to request two separate official digital transcripts, one for each time period, and will get charged twice. 

Request an Official Paper Certificate or Official Paper Transcript

Download and complete the form, then return it to Emily Griffith Technical College in one of the following ways:

  • Deliver it in person at the Treasury Office, located on the 6th floor at 1860 Lincoln Street.
  • Scan the completed form and email it to
  • Send the completed form via U.S. Mail to:

                                  Emily Griffith Technical College

                                  Student Records Office #627

                                  1860 Lincoln Street

                                  Denver, CO 80203

Document Fees

  • Official digital PDF transcripts: $7 each
  • Official paper transcripts: $7 each
  • Duplicate official paper certificates: $20 each

Payments for official paper certificates or official paper transcripts can be made with cash or credit card either in person at the Treasury Office or by calling 720-423-4786. 

Request a GED® Transcript

GED® records are housed by the Colorado Department of Education. Two kinds of official records are available to persons who have tested and/or received a GED® high school equivalency diploma in Colorado: transcripts and duplicate diplomas. Both are official State of Colorado documents and bear the State Seal.

To obtain a transcript and/or a duplicate diploma, please go to and open the “Request Transcripts” menu, or visit the Colorado Department of Education website.

Request Education Verification

Request education verification for a student by emailing your request to Student Records: