Student records are confidential documents that are only provided after we receive a request signed by the student. Certificates and official transcripts are awarded for free after the completion of a program. Duplicate certificates or transcripts are available for a fee. When requesting records, please allow 5 business days (10 business days for transcripts prior to 1990) to process your request after payment is received. Please note that document processing does not occur during holidays or campus closures (see the Calendar for those dates). 

Three Emily Griffith graduates pose with their certificates at All-City Stadium

For Emily Griffith High School transcripts, please contact Emily Griffith High School directly by calling 720-423-4901.


Students who attended before 2004 only, or after 2004 only, need to request one transcript and will be charged once. When requesting one transcript, regardless of the year attended, a digital or mailed hard copy are good options. 

Students who attended both before 2004 AND after 2004, need to request two separate transcripts. One transcript will be issued for the period through December 31, 2003 and a second transcript will be issued for the period beginning January 1, 2004. In such cases, the student will be charged twice when requesting two digital transcripts through Parchment. Students can save money by ordering two mailed hard copy transcripts, for which they will be charged only once.

  • Digital Transcript – Visit the Parchment site to request your official transcript and make payment. This is the quickest way to order an official transcript.
  • Mailed Hard Copy Transcript – Print and complete the form, make a payment at the Treasurer’s office and return the form in one of the following ways:

If you have questions, please call 720-423-4846.


Unofficial Transcript – Current students can view and print their unofficial transcripts free of charge through the Student Portal (click the “Student” tab, then look under “My Unofficial Transcript” in the lower right corner).


  • Official digital PDF transcript from Parchment: $7 each
  • Official paper transcript: $7 each
  • Duplicate official paper certificates: $20 each

Payments for official paper certificates or official paper transcripts are made to the Treasurer’s office.

GED® Transcript/Diploma

There are two options to request a transcript and/or duplicate diploma:

1. Visit GED Testing Service at and click the “Grads and Transcripts” menu or

2. Visit the Colorado Department of Education website to obtain a transcript.

Request Education Verification

If you’re a student requesting education verification, please email the Authorization for Release of Records form to

If you’re requesting verification on behalf of a student, please email, and include a release signed by the student.

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