Emily Griffith Technical College: Care Forward Colorado

Care Forward Colorado

Launch your healthcare career with Care Forward Colorado!

Care Forward Colorado provides zero-cost, short-term healthcare training at Emily Griffith Technical College. In one year or less, you can learn the skills to become a Certified Nurse or Medical Assistant, a Pharmacy Technician, a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Dental Assistant.

Why a career in healthcare?

Healthcare jobs are some of the fastest-growing in Colorado and provide a wage that can support you and your family. There’s also opportunity to advance in your career. 

How does it work?

Starting in Fall 2022, students who enroll in eligible healthcare certificate programs will have tuition, fees, and materials covered as Care Forward Colorado funding allows. In addition to training, you may be connected to an “earn while you learn” opportunity—such as an apprenticeship—that could lead to your first job in healthcare!

What programs are available at Emily Griffith Technical College?

As part of the Care Forward Colorado program, we offer the following certificate programs:

  1. Dental Assisting
  2. Medical Assisting
  3. Nurse Assisting
  4. Pharmacy Technician
  5. Practical Nursing

Ready to get started?

You’ll need to fill out a free Admissions Application and follow the normal admissions steps

After you fill out the free Admissions Application, to qualify for Care Forward Colorado funds, you must complete the following funding applications:

  1. FAFSA or CASFA*
  2. COSI Back to Work Grant Application
  3. COSI Finish What You Started Grant Application

    *Nurse Assisting applicants do not need to apply for the FAFSA or CASFA, so they can skip this first step.

There is no other special application for Care Forward Colorado.

Depending on program eligibility and other qualifications, the above resources would be applied to your tuition and fees first. Any remaining balance on your student account could possibly be covered by the Care Forward Colorado funds. Our Financial Aid office will reach out to notify you of the approval status after the Admissions Application plus all three funding applications listed above have been completed. 

What if I am currently attending classes as a student at Emily Griffith?

If you are currently enrolled at Emily Griffith Technical College, please reach out to Student Success with any questions. 

More About Care Forward Colorado

Care Forward Colorado is a $26 million state program funded through federal recovery dollars. Learn more about the program here