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Concurrent Enrollment

Are you a high school student interested in getting a head start on your career and educational goals? You could earn a certificate through Emily Griffith Technical College and receive college credits for FREE through our concurrent enrollment program. Explore all of our programs.

How to get started

1: Reach out to your high school counselor

Get started with your counselor to speak about programs of interest after you have explored our options.

  • Review the Program Checklist to ensure that you understand the expectations and commitment that is required for a program.
    • Program checklists are found on each program webpage.
  • The High School (H.S.) counselors will see if the available program dates and times work with the student’s schedule and create an individual career & academic plan (ICAP).

2: Apply!

Submit your free online Admissions Application.

  • Information you will need (if applicable): 
    • Social Security number
    • Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado ID Card information
  • Test scores to show program readiness (if available; may be provided by your counselor)
  • Please have your H.S. counselor email with the following information: student name, program of interest, SASID and documentation that show program readiness.

3: Program Readiness

You will need to demonstrate program-specific proficiency in reading and/or math. For more information about program-specific academic requirements visit the Meeting Program Requirements page. Send test scores to

4: Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement form

You and a parent/guardian will need to complete and sign the concurrent enrollment agreement form in order to be eligible to register for a program as a concurrent enrollment student. 

  • This form must be approved by your school district or principal. You will receive this form from your H.S. counselor. 
  • Once the form is complete, you or your H.S. counselors can send it to

5:  Register for Class

Once we have received your application, program requirements and concurrent enrollment agreement form we will approve your application and send you next steps on how to register for the program to your email address.

6: Complete the FERPA form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) helps protect the privacy of student education records. Students must submit an Authorization for Release of Records in order to give someone outside the college access to their educational records or accounts. This will be required once the student is registered for a program.

7: Complete Orientation

It is important that you connect with our Concurrent Enrollment Outreach Coordinator for you to understand the commitment, expectations and requirements to be in our program.

8: Transportation and Parking

Emily Griffith Technical College does not offer RTD bus passes. You will be responsible for your own transportation. Please reach out to your DPS high school to see if they have an RTD bus pass available to you. 

  • If you are joining us from another school district you can purchase an income-based RTD bus pass here
  • Get information about public transit and parking information here.

9. Complete Your Program Checklist

Your program checklist and schedule has been emailed to you. Make sure you complete all of the necessary steps before the first day of your classes. Program checklists are available from the Concurrent Enrollment Outreach Coordinator and on the webpage for your program.


Contact or calling 720-423-4700