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Concurrent Enrollment: high school counselors

Who is eligible?

We serve high school students 15 years or older (age restrictions on select programs), students within schools or districts that have an active memorandum of understanding with Emily Griffith Technical College, students who have qualified test scores that show college readiness, along with a concurrent enrollment agreement signed by all required parties. Learn more about statewide eligibility here.

Emily Griffith Technical College partners with the Colorado Department of Education Concurrent Enrollment Program offering high school students within Denver Public Schools, charter schools, and non-DPS schools interested in earning a certificate in one of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. The school or school district would cover tuition and possibly other fees associated with the program.

Learn more about the options available for earning college credit while in high school.

As a high school counselor, you are the first point of contact for a student interested in Concurrent Enrollment. You will be expected to help the student with the admissions and registration process.

Student using computer and taking notes


  1. Counselor completes the Concurrent Enrollment Student Interest Form.
  2. The student completes the Concurrent Enrollment application.
  3. Concurrent Enrollment agreement must be completed and signed by all parties.
  4. The student must meet program requirements and provide documentation.
  5. The student’s documentation (meet program requirements & Concurrent Enrollment agreement) must be uploaded to Concurrent Enrollment Application Requirements Dropbox


Contact the Concurrent Enrollment Outreach Coordinator


720-547-9399 (call or text)

Main Campus (1860 Lincoln St.), 6th Floor, Student Services

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