About Emily Griffith Technical College

About Emily

Emily Griffith Technical College is a nationally accredited public college where you can fuel the engine of your career through

Artisan bread baker, web developer, massage therapist, plumber, pharmacy tech and dozens of other professions are waiting for you at Emily Griffith. 

We Are Emily

You are the people who power Colorado. You are ready to start a career you can leverage for life. And you come here from Denver and every corner of the Earth, because Emily Griffith offers meaningful pathways you can use to advance as individuals and professionals.

Get to Know Emily

Accreditation: Nationally accredited by the Council on Occupational Education; programs such as Licensed Practical Nursing, Dental Assisting, Auto Service, Pharmacy Technician and others are also individually accredited.

Enrollment: 7,200 students

Convenience: Classes take place online, in hybrid formats and face-to-face at times convenient for working students.


  • 21 Career and Technical programs in health, skilled trades, information technology, service industries and business 
  • Quick Start programs that teach skills training for Culinary, Construction, Entrepreneurship and Google IT Support Professional
  • 12 Apprenticeship training programs with 19 partners across Colorado
  • English Language classes
  • GED Preparation classes

Designation: We are a Hispanic Serving Institution, which means more than 25% of our students are Hispanic. This qualifies Emily Griffith for additional funding. 

Facilities: 3 modern campuses in downtown Denver, Colorado along with an onsite, student-run salon and barbershop, café, massage clinic and spa.

Results: 74% of students get jobs in their field

Transferability: Up to 45 credit hours may transfer into an Associate of Applied Science degree at any Colorado community college.

Campus Safety: View our Safety and Security reports here.


Average program tuition  $6,590
Average financial aid award– $5,090
Average out-of-pocket cost$1,500

About Emily’s History 

We were founded by education pioneer Emily Griffith, who envisaged a school where anyone, no matter their age or background, could get the education they needed to live a more “useful” life. She wanted to call this dream school, “Opportunity.”

Inspired by the parents of the children she taught early in her career, many who couldn’t speak English or read or write, Emily came to believe that education offered a pathway out of poverty.

When she opened the Opportunity School in 1916, she did so to provide first and second chances for “all who wish to learn.” It was one of the first trade schools in the country.

Since then, her Opportunity School has become Emily Griffith Technical College, a place where more than 2 million people have benefitted from Emily’s progressive idea that education should be accessible to all.

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