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Computer Networking

Our Computer Networking program will give you hands-on experience implementing, configuring and troubleshooting basic networking hardware, protocols and services. You will gain hands-on knowledge with network implementation and security practices.

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith Computer Networking Certificate?

Graduates use their certificate to work jobs such as the following:

  • Technical Call Center Support
  • Technical Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Information Technology Support Technician
  • Network Technician
  • Microcomputer Support Specialist 

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Information Technology & Computer Science
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Course Information

Required Courses

CIS 1018 Intro to PC Applications

This course introduces basic computer terminology, file management, and PC system components. Provides an overview of office application software including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics. Includes the use of a web browser to access the Internet.

Start Date: 01/24/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CIS 1024 Intro to Operating Systems

Introduces concepts, terminology and hands-on skills in the use of DOS and Windows. Emphasizes navigation, file manipulation, file creation and troubleshooting.

Start Date: 01/09/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 1021 Comuter Technician I: A+

Provides students with an in-depth look at personal computer hardware, introduces networking concepts, and covers operational procedures and troubleshooting, all of which are necessary for a successful entry-level computer service technician position. Provides extensive hands-on work with computer systems, PC setup and configuration, and basic maintenance and troubleshooting. This course helps prepare you for the first CompTIA A+ Exam.

Start Date: 02/28/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 1022 Computer Techncian II: A+

Provides students with an in-depth look at desktop and mobile Operating System support, maintenance, and troubleshooting, and an overview of security concepts, and interpersonal skills, all of which are necessary for a successful entry-level computer service technician position. Provides extensive hands-on work with current operating systems, including using common GUI and command line tools, registry editing, system backup and recovery, and advanced troubleshooting. This course helps prepare you for the second CompTIA A+ Exam.

Start Date: 03/14/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 1024 Networking I: Network +

Provides students with the knowledge necessary to understand, identify and perform necessary tasks involved in supporting a network. Covers the vendor-independent networking skills and concepts that affect all aspects of networking, such as installing and configuring the TCP/IP. This course also prepares students for the Networking II: Network + course.

Start Date: 04/04/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 1025 Networking II: Network +

Continues to provide students with the knowledge necessary to implement and support a network. Focuses on the vendor-independent networking skills and concepts that affect all aspects of networking. The Networking I and II: Network + courses prepare students for the Network + certification.

Start Date: 04/19/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 1032 Network Security Fundamentals

Delivers a comprehensive overview of network security, including general security concepts. Communication Security is studied, including remote access, e-mail, the Web, directory and file transfer, and wireless data. Common network attacks are introduced. Cryptography basics are incorporated, and operational/organizational security is discussed as it relates to physical security, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Computer forensics is introduced.

Start Date: 05/03/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 2001 Linux Configuration: (OS)

Install a Linux operating system (OS). Configure and manage OS using command line interface (CLI) and text editor. Topics include installation and configuration of updates, services, file system, users and groups, file and folder permissions, networking, and remote access.

Start Date: 06/22/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 2011 Windows Configuring: (OS)

Provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the implementation and desktop support needs of customers who are planning to deploy and support Microsoft Windows Client OS in a variety of network operating system environments.

Start Date: 06/07/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 2012 Configuring Windows Server

Provides students with the knowledge and skills that are required to install and configure a Microsoft Windows Server. This course helps prepare students for a MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) and/or MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) exams.

Start Date: 05/17/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
CNG 2015 Windows Automation: X

Instructs students in Windows automation using command line or Powershell. Student will build on previous server environment knowledge to learn command line utility and/or Powershell cmdlets, and develop scripting skills for automating administrative tasks in a Windows environment.

Start Date: 07/10/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
COM 2062 Communicating with ImpossiblePeople

Introduces participants to concepts regarding communication with "impossible" people and techniques to deal with them more effectively. Emphasizes active participation in skill-building activities.

Start Date: 07/24/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena
MAT 1150 Technical Mathematics

Covers mathematical material designed for career and technical students. Topics include measurement, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and vectors. These are presented at an introductory level and the emphasis is on applications.

Start Date: 02/07/2023
Instructor: Ricardo Dena

Helen won a Teacher's Award from the Language Learning Center and also the Best Presentation award for EGTC's Chef's Award Recipient for her empanadas and strudel.

Helen Lee was born in China and grew up in Vietnam before moving to the United States. She came to Emily Griffith after the medical supply company she worked for here in Denver moved to Mexico. 

With the help of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, she was able to take English classes at Emily Griffith, and improve her English skills. But Helen didn’t stop there! She made a plan to pursue technical training so she could get a job of her choosing, and enrolled in the Culinary Arts program, and the Professional Baking program soon after that. 

In March, Helen completed her Culinary Arts training and she is now just a month away from finishing the Professional Baking training, too. She loves the freedom and creativity that baking brings, and enjoys working in the bakery department at Village Inn, where she started in January, because they respect her and appreciate her skills. 

Helen says she is determined to complete everything she puts her mind to, and even though learning can be hard, she will never give up! One day, Helen hopes to work in a place where she can teach others what she knows.

Helen won a Teacher’s Award from the Language Learning Center and also the Best Presentation award for EGTC’s Chef’s Award Recipient for her empanadas and strudel. Congratulations Helen! 

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