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Enjoy working with your hands? Love building and repairing complex systems? A career in HVAC may be right for you. 

What is HVAC? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Functioning HVAC systems are important for people to be comfortable in their homes or offices, and they can be essential for running and maintaining certain types of businesses like hospitals and data centers. 

At Emily Griffith, our hybrid program will give you hands-on experience building and maintaining all types of heating and refrigeration systems in our state-of-the-art learning laboratory. You will gain skills in working with electrical control components, as well as in piping and fabrication. 

Latest technology: Our HVAC learning lab features real heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment that you will learn how to build and repair. 

Convenient classes: Take classes two days a week and complete career-relevant projects at home.

High-demand career: Enjoy a 93 percent job placement rate in the HVAC field with your Emily Griffith HVAC certificate. Many of our students have jobs before they complete the program. 

Want more information? Get the HVAC Program Flyer and the HVAC Program Checklist.

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith HVAC Certificate?

Graduates from Emily Griffith’s HVAC program use their certificate to work in jobs such as the following:

  • HVAC Installers
  • HVAC service techs
  • HVAC design engineers

Other potential career paths include jobs with air conditioning supply companies, building contractors, building management companies, heating, and air conditioning contractors, hotel maintenance departments, retailers, wholesale supply houses

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Course Information

Required Courses

HVA 100 Safety Training for the Trades

Introduces the student the basic concepts of workplace hazards and the need for continuing education with regard to safety. The reasons behind confined space training and proper safety equipment will be covered.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 102 Basic Refrigeration

Introduces the basic theory of refrigeration systems, components, charging, recycling, and evacuation of refrigeration units.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 104 Electrical Components

Covers electrical power, distribution, transformers, capacitors, relays, and electric motors. Laboratory experiences consist of using electrical devices to electrical loads.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 105 Electricity for HVAC/R

Teaches resistance, current, voltage and power in AC and DC circuits; measurements; computations of series and parallel circuits; circuit analysis and troubleshooting with basic test equipment.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 110 Fundamentals of Gas Heating

Introduces students to the fundamentals of gas heating. Students work in a classroom and shop environment. Topics include the basics of gas heating systems, operation of gas valves and burners, gas pipe system design, gas piping system code requirements and basic code requirements for heating systems.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 111 Piping Skills for HVAC

Studies the different types of tubing and piping materials used in HVAC/R applications. Studies the proper tubing and piping installation methods used in the HVAC/R field. Subjects covered will be the proper cutting and bending procedures including, pipe math and how to make piping offsets. Common types of piping joints will be discussed, including, swaging, flaring, soldering, and brazing. Also covered will be cutting and threading of steel pipe and other alternative mechanical piping connections. Shop projects will include both bench projects and also mock up installation projects.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 113 Refrigerant Recovery Training

Explains the laws regarding refrigerant recovery. The course includes hands-on use of recovery equipment. Upon successful completion of this course students will be prepared to take the EPA certification test. Test is offered following the class. Test fee is not included in course fee.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 124 Advanced Air Conditioning

Covers design, installation, and testing of residential heating and cooling systems. Additional areas emphasized are duct design and sheet metal work.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 142 Residential Air Conditioning

Details the principles of operation, servicing, and installation of air conditioning systems as they apply to humidifying, cooling, and dehumidifying a residential structure. Basic load calculations will be covered

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 143 Residential HVAC Trouble Shooting

Troubleshooting practical and techniques will be covered. Use of computer simulation as well as actual equipment will be utilized.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 222 HVAC&R Systems Troubleshooting

Studies troubleshooting industrial and commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 247 Hot Water Heating Systems

Covers the theory of operation behind these systems, as well as installation, maintenance and repair. The course also examines air elimination, circulator pump and pipe sizing. Boiler and heat convector sizing are also discussed.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
HVA 261 A/C Systems Service and Repair

Emphasizes the service of HVAC systems. Students will develop a preventative maintenance program for various types of equipment, both commercial and residential. Troubleshooting techniques and equipment repair and rebuilding are discussed. Additional time is spent on equipment change outs, upgrading and retrofitting different refrigerants.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.

"If you want to do it, go back and do it!"

Nia initially came to Emily Griffith to get her GED after she discovered she was pregnant. She left off for a while but decided to return last spring. A big motivation for returning was to show her kids that it is never too late to come back to school. 

She had a lot of anxiety around the new test and was initially discouraged after she stared class. But her teacher was so supportive, she knew she could do it this time. And she did! She finished and passed all of her tests this June! 

Now she’s planning on getting her certificate in Phlebotomy at Emily Griffith starting in January. She is in recovery and is interested in working in a rehab facility in order to help others going through the recovery process. 

She says it’s never too late to finish your education, “If you want to do it, go back and do it!”

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