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Automotive Collision Repair

Automotive Collision Repair involves repairing and restoring the bodies of vehicles of all types, including metal work, welding and painting. Automotive Collision Repair technicians also do custom body work – designing and modifying old and new vehicles.

Our part-time evening program, from 6pm-10pm, will give you hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art facility. 

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith Automotive Collision Repair Certificate?

Graduates use their certificate to succeed in jobs such as the following:

  • Auto collision estimator
  • Auto repair and body shops
  • Restoration and custom shops
  • Car dealerships
  • Insurance estimator

Other potential career paths include jobs in custom painting and graphics, non-structural repairs, service advising, insurance adjustment.

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Course Information

Required Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
ACT 1010 Safety in Collision Repair 2
ACT 1011 Metal Welding and Cutting I 3
ACT 1041 Refinishing Safety 1
ACT 1070 Auto Collision Tech Lab Exp I 3
ACT 2011 Metal Welding and Cutting II 2
ACT 1010 Safety in Collision Repair

Introduces the student to safety techniques and operation as it relates to shop safety and industry standards. The student is exposed to regulations and collision shop operations. In addition, the student becomes involved with VICA, developing writing and speaking skills.

Start Date: 04/10/2023
Instructor: Jeremy Barrera
ACT 1011 Metal Welding and Cutting I

Covers sheet metal oxygen-acetylene welding and MIG welding techniques including safety, materials, equipment and setups. Personal and vehicle protective measures prior to welding procedures is presented.

Start Date: 05/02/2023
Instructor: Jeremy Barrera
ACT 1041 Refinishing Safety

Covers correct use of safety procedures used in refinishing. Proper fit and use of various types of protective equipment is emphasized. The identification of tools and equipment, with use and maintenance is covered including national guidelines for proper disposal and handling of hazardous materials.

Start Date: 04/25/2023
Instructor: Jeremy Barrera
ACT 1070 Auto Collision Tech Lab Exp I

Offers the clinical practicum required for the program.

Start Date: 06/15/2023
Instructor: Jeremy Barrera
ACT 2011 Metal Welding and Cutting II

Covers mig welding procedures of seam weld, stitch welds and destructive testing. Resistance spot welding, which includes two-sided spot weld, plasma cutting, safety, materials, and equipment and operating procedures, with emphasis on shop safety are also presented.

Start Date: 05/31/2023
Instructor: Jeremy Barrera

“I had to figure out how to organize my life and my family and how to be successful in the U.S.”
— Adnan

In Syria, Adnan studied pharmacology in college and worked as a Pharmaceutical Representative and in medical sales for 7 years. When he first arrived here in Denver, he heard about Emily Griffith and started taking English classes. “One of the challenges I faced upon arriving was getting familiar with new words, new language, new environment, new expectations,” explains Adnan. “I had to figure out how to organize my life and my family and how to be successful in the U.S. It was really expensive in Colorado and a challenge to get a job. I got a job as a driver, but it wasn’t in my field and I didn’t make enough to pay my expenses.”

He says that Tiffany Jaramillo helped him in the CAREERS program and once his English was good enough he worked on getting into the Pharmacy Tech program. “I needed to get my high school diploma from my country, but this was too hard because my country was in the war. I had to get the documents I had translated and then work with the Health Science department to get approved with what I had,” explains Adnan.

The Pharmacy Tech classes have had their own challenges for Adnan. “I had to learn a new vocabulary and medical words. My primary language is Arabic and most of the people in my class speak English,” he says. “Mr. Joe has helped me if I need specific or more help or clarifications. He is a helpful man.”

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