Disability Support Services

Students with documented disabilities may request accommodations through the Disability Support Services office. Emily Griffith Technical College collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services that enable equal access to an education.


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DSS Policies and Procedures Manual

Disability Services

  • Accommodations for disabilities
  • Academic advising, registration assistance and support services
  • Communication with case managers in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or insurance agencies


Students with documented disabilities may request accommodations through the Disability Support Services office. The student is responsible for self-identifying, requesting the accommodation and for providing documentation of his/her disability.

Accommodations due to a disability should be requested at least three weeks prior to the service or class. Some services may require additional time to process, so we advise that you submit your requests as early as possible.

To obtain an accommodation, the first step is to attend an intake appointment. At that time you may obtain an "Accommodation Request" form and discuss your specific needs with the Disability Services Advisor. Make an appointment by calling 720-423-4859 or emailing dss@emilygriffith.edu.

Download the Accommodation Request Form

Next, submit documentation of your disability with your Accommodation Request form. The documentation must be from an appropriate, qualified professional on letterhead. It should state the diagnosis of the disability, supporting information on how the diagnosis was reached, how the disability affects academic performance, and recommendations and rationale for accommodations. The documentation should provide enough information for the college to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations. Recent high school graduates may submit their most recent IEP if it contains a clear statement of the student's disability, supporting testing results, and the impact of the disability on academic performance.

The application and documentation will be reviewed. Accommodations will be approved provided they are reasonable and appropriate. The student is responsible for notifying the Disability Services office if any accommodation is not satisfactory or if his/her needs have changed.


The Disability Services office will assist any student who is disabled with academic advising, registration assistance, and support throughout the educational program. Make an appointment by calling 720-423-4859.

Third-Party Support

If a third-party such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or an insurance agency will be assisting a student financially, the Disability Services office will be available as a liaison.

Outside Services

Mile High United Way’s 2-1-1 is a free and confidential community referral service that connects callers with resources which provide food, shelter, rent assistance, clothing, child care options and other types of community assistance. Trained referral specialists are multi-lingual and available to help individuals with real-time resources. Students needing assistance outside of academic support can contact the Mile High United Way at *211 or visit their website at www.unitedwaydenver.org.



DenverDenver 311 is a link for non-emergency services and communications between citizens and the City and County of Denver. We strive to accomplish this goal in a personal, timely, efficient, accurate and measurable manner. Visit the 311 Help Center web page on the Denver website.



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