Emily Griffith Technical College: EdReady Learning Path

EdReady Learning Path

An alternative way to meet program requirements is through the EdReady Learning Path. You’ll practice the skills necessary to enter the program of your choice. Once you have met your program’s target score, you can submit the results.

Start EdReady Learning Path


  1. Name and email must match information provided on your application.
  2. Enter the keycodes associated with your program.
  3. Take the diagnostic and complete your individualized learning path. Did you miss the target score on your diagnostic? This tutorial shows you what to do next.
  4. When you meet your program’s target score you’ll receive a confirmation email. Please forward your results to admissions@emilygriffith.edu. Include your full name (must match information provided on your application) and date of birth (mm/dd/yy).
  5. For assistance consult EdReady Resources, email EdReady.Help@emilygriffith.edu or call 720-423-4700.
ProgramReading Key CodeMath Key Code
Automotive Collision Repair536readACmath
Automotive Service536readATSmath
Barbering576readNo math required
Computer Networking555readCNmath
Construction Essentials536readCEmath
Cosmetology576readNo math required
Culinary Arts563readNo math required
Dental Assisting617readNo math required
Esthetician576readNo math required
Massage Therapy576readNo math required
Medical Assisting617readMAmath
Multimedia and Video Production576readNo math required
Nurse Assisting617readNo math required
Pharmacy Technician617readPTCmath
Practical Nursing & Nursing Prereqs617readPNmath
Welding 1 & 2501readWLDmath
Water Quality Management617readWQMmath

To view the full list of program requirements accepted for each program, view the PDFs linked below: