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Concurrent Enrollment: Parents/Guardians

Is your high school student interested in earning college credit while still in high school?

Concurrent Enrollment is when a student is attending college while enrolled in high school.

At Emily Griffith, we do not offer individual courses for a student to explore. When a student is registered they understand the commitment and expectation that they will be earning a certificate for their program.

When a student is enrolled as a Concurrent Enrollment student the school or district will be paying the tuition and possibly the fees associated with the program.

This opportunity gives the student a head start on their college education, along with gaining experience and rigor of college courses. Other benefits include:

  • Lower the cost of college
  • Increase their academic options
  • Prepare them for a seamless transfer into college
  • Allow access to college coursework

Learn more about credit transferability.

The student will be able to choose from our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  Locations and times a student can take our programs are determined by student demand and the availability of faculty, as well as the student’s high school schedule. Encourage your student to talk to their high school counselor for more information.

We partner with a select number of high schools that offer courses within a specific Emily Griffith Technical College program curriculum. We currently partner with Colorado Early College of Denver, Montbello Career & Technical High School, and George Washington High School. Please reach out to these partners to see what curriculum options and seats that are available for your student. Each school has its own admissions process and will be the best to support you.

Emily Griffith Technical College is a vocational school offering adult education. Your student’s high school attendance suggests that they will be punctual and able to meet attendance requirements of their desired program. Their behavior in class indicates they can be a productive member of a fast-paced learning environment shared with adult students.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations apply regarding all student academic records. Learn more about FERPA.


Contact the Concurrent Enrollment Outreach Coordinator


720-547-9399 (call or text)

Main Campus (1860 Lincoln St.), 6th Floor, Student Services

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