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Career Readiness ESL

If you are a refugee who has entered the United States in the last five years, our Career Readiness ESL (CRESL) program will help you build your language skills and find a job. 

Career Readiness ESL (CRESL)  is our free English program for refugees. In CRESL classes, you’ll learn the language skills you need to work in the United States. You can take classes ranging from low-literacy to advanced. 

All individuals with refugee or asylum status can attend CRESL classes for free for up to five years. 

Project Worthmore: We have partnered with Project Worthmore to offer our CRESL classes at Village Exchange Center at 1609 Havana St, Aurora, Colo. and Hidden Brook Apartments, 1313 Xenia St, Denver, in addition to our main location at 1860 Lincoln St, Denver, Colo. 

Register today: If you are ready to get started learning English, check out our class schedule below and start your application here

You will need documentation showing your immigration status to register. 

Questions? If you need more information, give us a call at 720-423-4700 or email us at


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“I don’t know where else I could sit in a room with 30 languages, all religions represented, and build a community.”

Katie Pham says she has the best job ever. She’s an English teacher for Emily Griffith teaching at Project Worthmore. “I don’t know where else I could sit in a room with 30 languages, all religions represented, and build a community,” she says. 

Before she started teaching English, she constantly bounced around with different jobs. She started working at Project Worthmore in communications, but when they needed help teaching, she started helping out. First she was just teaching one literacy class a week, but she really enjoyed it. So she took TOESL classes and got certified so that she could start teaching full time. 

She’s been teaching English now for 4 years. “And I haven’t gotten sick of it yet!” she says. 

“A lot of people see the immigrant community and think they need to help–need to be the hero,” says Katie. “But the community here [at Project Worthmore] is helping me as much as I am helping them. I’m learning new things from them all the time. They teach me about their food, their community and they make me laugh!” 

She doesn’t have plans to stop teaching any time soon. “I’ve seen this community flourish in so many ways,” says Katie. And she loves being a part of it. “We need to break down these walls and build these up these communities; we are all just people at the end of the day.” 

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