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Massage Therapy

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Learn how to heal through touch and wellness! 

At Emily Griffith, our Massage Therapy program will give you hands-on experience necessary for a meaningful career as a massage therapist. Our comprehensive curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, best business practices, ethics and lifestyle wellness–all important skills needed for a career as a massage therapist. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in workshops with massage professionals and attend a variety of field trips, including a human cadaver lab!

Real-world Experience: Practice your massage skills on actual clients at the student-run Emily’s Massage Clinic. Plus you’ll gain the experience to one day open your own massage business! 

Advanced Methods: Learn advanced massage techniques including prenatal massage, cupping, and hot stone massage. 

Convenient classes: Our program is now a part-time afternoon or evening program, so you can fit classes into your schedule. 

High-demand career: Enjoy a 100 percent job placement rate in the Massage Therapy field with your Emily Griffith Massage Therapy certificate.

Want more information? Get the Massage Therapy Program Flyer and the Massage Therapy  Program Checklist.

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith Massage Therapy Certificate?

Graduates from Emily Griffith’s Massage Therapy program use their certificate to work as a Massage Therapist in a variety of settings, including:

  • Massage Clinic
  • Sports Massage
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Spas
Service Industries
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5 Months
Full-time program length
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Course Information

Required Courses

HHP 208 Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Presents an intensive study of the musculoskeletal system. Focus will be on understanding the bony structures and the relationship of the muscular system to the skeletal system from a dynamic perspective. Classes include lecture and work with the Maniken system, building muscles with clay on a scaled down and anatomically accurate skeleton. Clinical connections will be made to take the study of anatomy out of the purely technical arena, and into the practical. The other nine systems of the body will be touched on briefly, because to clinically understand the practical applications of anatomy, you have to be aware of the interconnectedness of all systems of the body.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 105 Lifestyle Wellness

Provides opportunity to learn and apply specific wellness principles to your individual lifestyle. Student completes self-analysis of health behaviors and how lifestyle affects health status.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 106 A & P for Massage Therapy

Provides a general knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body systems with focus on the anatomy and physiology of the muscular and skeletal systems. This course is designed specifically for individuals specializing in massage therapy.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 110 Ethics for Massage Therapy

Focuses on the ethical issues associated with the practice of massage therapy. Emphasis will be on the NCBTMB Code of Ethics, confidentiality of client information, and effective and appropriate interpersonal communication with clients and peers.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 111 Basic Massage Therapy

Introduces theory and techniques of therapeutic massage, including understanding of physiological benefits of massage as well as proper body mechanics and appropriate draping. Focuses on basic strokes of Swedish massage. Students also learn techniques of seated massage.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 113 Professional Massage

Continues the study of Integrative Therapeutic Massage techniques with emphasis on assessing and meeting clients needs. Students give massage in supervised in-class clinicals, applying appropriate therapeutic intervention.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 184 Clinical Massage

Applies skills in a clinical setting. Focuses on improvement of massage thereapy skills, ethics, and communication.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 204 MST Business Practices

Assists the practitioner of massage therapy to envision, market, establish and maintain a professional massage therapy practice.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 216 Pathology for Massage Therapy

Focuses on basic knowledge of disease and injury to assist the massage therapist to promote healing, ease pain and discomfort, and avoid complications during therapy. With a broad perspective of pathology and specific pathophysiology of diseases contributing to the need for massage therapy, this course provides the foundational science for safe practice.

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.
MST 289 Capstone

Demonstrates the culmination of learning within a given program of study

Start Date: No upcoming starts available.

“The first time I walked into class, I was like this is where I’m supposed to be."

Jessica Blackburn’s parents always encouraged her to find a skilled trade. “I always loved learning about the human body and how things work so part of me has always thought about being a nurse,” says Jessica

But training to be a nurse can be expensive. So she decided to come take her CNA classes at Emily Griffith. 

“The first time I walked into class, I was like this is where I’m supposed to be,” says Jessica. “The atmosphere is super friendly; I loved being in Mrs. Law’s class.” 

She was impressed by how much the class prepared her for her boards. “I was absolutely more confident in my skills than others taking the boards that day,” she says. 

She finished the program in October and began working as a home health aide. And more recently she got a job as a CNA in the telemetry unit at SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center, where she will be assisting with monitoring vital signs.  

She would definitely recommend the Emily Griffith CNA program to others. “It prepares you for the real world,” says Jessica. “It’s a welcoming place and they really want you to succeed.” 

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