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Multimedia and Video Production

Our part-time Multimedia and Video Production program will give you hands-on experience running video cameras and equipment, producing in a TV studio setting, filming on location, and creating animated graphics. Our small class size allows you to have significant time with the instructor and more hands-on experience. Plus, our Multimedia and Video Production classes are in the evening so you can work while completing the program. 

Practice your video skills in a brand-new state-of-the-art studio at the Colorado Media Center, which also houses Rocky Mountain PBS! You also get to complete a 64-hour internship working for a variety of video production companies, TV stations and more. 

What Can I Do with an Emily Griffith Multimedia and Video Production Certificate?

Graduates use their certificate to work in jobs such as the following:

  • Film & Video Editor
  • Graphic & Motion Graphic Artist
  • Multimedia Artist/Animator
  • Infographics Artist/Designer
  • Producer & Director

Other potential career paths include jobs in media, journalism, marketing, communications, sales and more! 

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Course Information

Required Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
CIS 1010 Introduction to ComputingTechnology (device) 1
FVM 1055 Writing the Short Script 3
FVM 1060 Video Post Production I 3
FVM 1185 Documentary Film 3
FVM 2064 Digital Effects 3
MGD 1004 Videography 3
MGD 1011 Adobe Photoshop I 3
MGD 1012 Adobe Illustrator I 3
MGD 1056 Emergent Media Practices 3
MGD 1063 Sound Design I 3
MGD 2004 Videography II 3
MGD 2068 Business for Creatives 3
MGD 2089 Capstone 3
RTV 1202 Television Studio Production 3
CIS 1010 Introduction to ComputingTechnology (device)

Introduces basic computing technology with an emphasis on document creation and storage. Use of technology for email, web surfing, and access to course materials is included.

Start Date: 08/22/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
FVM 1055 Writing the Short Script

Introduces short script writing where students conceptualize, write, rewrite, and polish their own scripts throughout the course building a portfolio for use in student productions. The course covers several writing techniques including the principles of construction, the role of subtext, creating dynamic characters, and the difference in theory between shorts and features.

Start Date: 11/14/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
FVM 1060 Video Post Production I

Introduces the basic concepts and skills of video post-production with an emphasis on non-linear editing. The student will demonstrate comprehension of basic editing techniques to enhance visual storytelling. The student will learn to critically analyze shot construction, motion and composition in storytelling and character development for the films and exercises they shoot in FVT/FVM 105 Video Production I.

Start Date: 08/25/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
FVM 1185 Documentary Film

An overview of the subject, with an emphasis on the historical development of the documentary film. Classroom visits with local documentary filmmakers, analysis of documentary techniques, finding the story and the challenges of the medium.

Start Date: 03/14/2023
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
FVM 2064 Digital Effects

Introduces Digital Effects software and methods for creating digital effects in the post-production environment. Students will achieve mastery in simple animation and understand the principles of animation as defined historically. Students will analyze style and emotional aesthetic and learn to support story by synthesizing video elements with effects. The coursework covers compositing, alpha channels, 2D and 3D effects.

Start Date: 03/15/2023
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 1004 Videography

Offers an introduction to the principles and techniques of videotape production, including camera operation, basic script writing, lighting, sound and basic digital editing. Detailed examination of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, as well as aesthetics, will be included.

Start Date: 08/24/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 1011 Adobe Photoshop I

Concentrates on the high-end capabilities of Adobe Photoshop as an illustration, design and photo retouching tool. Students explore a wide range of selection and manipulation techniques that can be applied to photos, graphics and videos. Course competencies and outline follow those set out by the Adobe Certified Associate exam in Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop.

Start Date: 08/22/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 1012 Adobe Illustrator I

Concentrates on the high-end capabilities of Adobe Illustrator as an illustration, design and vector drawing tool. Students learn how to use the tools to create digital artwork that can be used in web design, print media, and digital screen design. Course competencies and outline follow those set by the Adobe certified Associate exam in Visual Communication using Adobe Illustrator.

Start Date: 11/15/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 1056 Emergent Media Practices

Explores techniques and approaches in the latest delivery methods for web, mobile, and emergent media communication. Students explore digital media outlets such as blogs, podcasts, e-zines and social networks. Concepts in video production, photography, journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations, editing and relevant skills necessary for agile mass communication are introduced. Students create communication pieces for internet-based, mobile, and emergent media.

Start Date: 03/23/2023
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 1063 Sound Design I

Explores the use of sound in multimedia production and audio storytelling. Students examine the principles of recording. Classes focus on how sound can enhance interactive productions and improve computer presentations. Students learn how to use the computer as a full audio editing studio.

Start Date: 03/13/2023
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 2004 Videography II

Offers advanced study of digital video imaging concepts using digital cameras. Heavy emphasis is placed upon media aesthetics and the creative integration of sight, sound, and motion in student projects.

Start Date: 11/16/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 2068 Business for Creatives

Presents a guide to freelance work and a study of business practices and procedures and models unique to creative occupations (graphic design, web design, animation, fine arts). Discussion includes determining charges, business forms, business planning, tax structure, licenses and registration, self-promotion (resume, website, portfolio, business identity package). Course may include visits by professionals in the field and discussion of career opportunities in a quickly changing career field.

Start Date: 11/17/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
MGD 2089 Capstone

A demonstrated culmination of learning within a given program of study.

Start Date: 11/07/2022
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
RTV 1202 Television Studio Production

Examines principles and techniques of basic television production and direction in a laboratory setting using commercial television broadcast equipment for broadcast and institutional video productions.

Start Date: 06/07/2023
Instructor: Heidi Eversley
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