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Colorado Residency

Are you an in-state student or out-of-state? Because Emily Griffith is a public college, your residency status helps determine your tuition.

Here’s how you can figure out your residency status:


Under Colorado law, to be eligible for in-state (resident) tuition rates, you must have lived in Colorado for one full calendar year prior to the stated date of classes and be in the United States legally. Undocumented and DACA students can qualify for Colorado ASSET In-State Tuition. (Please see the Colorado ASSET website for eligibility information.)

In accordance with HB06S-1023, which was signed into law by the Governor on July 31, 2006, CCHE and the institutions of higher education are required to verify the lawful presence of all applicants for public postsecondary education benefits. Emily Griffith Technical College requires all students to provide documentation that they are legally in the United States.

Out of state

You are considered an out-of-state or non-resident student if you have not lived in Colorado for one year prior to the date of starting class, and if you are a visa student. Nonresident tuition is computed at $2.50 additional per clock hour for your program. (Clock hours are the actual hours you are in class.)

Noncredit courses 

For those of you in our Continuing Education and Adult Education and Language Learning Center programs, the cost is the same for nonresident and resident students.


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