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Refund Appeals

Do you need to appeal a refund decision? Here’s how:

  1. Appeal requests should be submitted to the Treasurer’s Office within one year of your withdrawal date. Appeals submitted more than one year after the withdrawal date will not be reviewed. 
  2. We can approve a refund appeal for only one semester during your entire academic career at Emily Griffith Technical College, even if you have documentation that substantiates an extraordinary event and an appeal for tuition and fee refund is approved. This includes all voluntary and involuntary separations. For example, if you have a health condition prior to enrolling in coursework, make an informed decision (possibly in consultation with your physician) about whether or not you can attend class. Emily Griffith only grants appeals on a one-time basis for a given medical condition. That said, you may have the opportunity to withdraw from coursework with a grade of “W” in future semesters, assuming you meet all deadlines and regulations related to withdrawal. 

Financial Aid Impact

If you have financial aid for the semester and you are appealing, you may have to return your financial aid, in partial or in full, if the appeal is approved.

Books, supplies, etc.

Books, supplies, kits and consumables are non-refundable.

Supporting Documentation

You will be asked to provide supporting documentation for the situations below. If documentation is not in English, it will not be accepted, unless it has been translated.

  • Medical – Please supply a dated and signed letter from your doctor explaining the illness on letterhead, medical bills or other medical documentation.
  • Death of an Immediate Family Member – A death certificate or an obituary from the newspaper must be provided. (Pamphlets from the funeral will not be accepted.) The death must be from your immediate family, this includes spouse, parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, mother-in-law and father-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law. Adopted, half and step members are also considered immediate family. 
  • Active Duty Deployment – Deployment papers for Active Duty must be provided. They must state Active Duty, not training.
  • College Error – Provide a dated and signed explanation on Emily Griffith Technical College letterhead from the appropriate administrator (dean level or higher) stating the situation and identifying the College’s error.

Additional Information

  • Medical refunds are given on a one-time basis.
  • If you are appealing departmental fees, library fees, etc., this is out of the Appeal Committee’s purview and your request will not be reviewed.
  • If you are appealing due to work-related issues or failure to receive expected funding such as loans, Veteran Affairs support, funding, sponsorships, etc., your request will not be considered.
  • If you are appealing grades, this is out of the Appeal Committee’s purview. Please speak with your department or refer to the Undergraduate Catalog regarding grade appeals or grievances.
  • When requesting a tuition and fee refund appeal on a medical, family emergency, death in the family or military deployment basis, it be must for all courses taken the entire semester.

Appeal forms are available at the Welcome Desk and Treasurer’s Office. The committee meets monthly to review appeals.

Need help?

Contact the Treasurer’s Office.