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In the event, you have to withdraw from Emily Griffith or the College needs to make a schedule change, here is what to expect regarding refunds:

  • 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded if you drop prior to the beginning of class.
  • 100% of tuition and fees will be refunded if we close a class due to insufficient enrollment.
  • 100% of tuition and technology and capital improvement fees will be refunded if you drop and your last day of attendance was before the census date. Books, materials/kits, digital media and partial payment fees will not be refunded.
  • No refunds will be allocated if your last date of attendance was after the census date. (Our census date is when we finalize enrollment, typically five days after classes start.)
  • Any dispute regarding refunds after the census date will follow the tuition-and-fee refund appeals process.
  • If you are on a payment plan, all refunds will be reduced by the $20 non-refundable payment plan fee. 

Need to appeal a refund decision? Visit our Refund and Appeals process page.

Refund policy for classes paid by financial aid grant

If you withdraw from Emily Griffith and you’ve been receiving financial aid grant money, the Emily Griffith Department of Financial Aid will determine the grant portion that must be returned to the funding organization and the portion that belongs to you within 45 days. The Treasurer’s Office will contact you if a credit exists. You should receive that refund seven days later. 

It is possible that if you are eligible for a financial aid refund, you might still owe an outstanding balance with the Treasurer’s Office. (You should see the Treasurer’s Office to confirm their balance.) It is also possible that you will receive a financial aid refund, yet will be expected to return a portion due to enrollment status (for example, having dropped a course after receiving the refund).

Learn more at Withdrawals and Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

Information for students with programs spanning more than one year

Are you taking part in a program that takes place over more than 12 months? Then you are a continuing student. 

As a continuing student, you might face the following situation: 

If you have a credit from a financial aid grant on your account as of June 30 of the school year, Emily Griffith will return the grant credit to you. (Keep in mind: You may need to use these funds for future classes.) Upon receipt of these funds, you become responsible for the payment of all future classes. (If you are on a payment plan, you will void it if you take the grant money and do not apply the balance to future tuition and fees.)


Feel free to email, call or visit Emily Griffith’s Treasurer’s Office.

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